NOTE: I'm currently re-vamping this instructable for clarity and completeness. Please check back and give me notes once it's finished - Mahalo!

This project will take (at least) two people, one of whom should be a savvy seamster. We had both people being great seamstresses, but then, we only had two hours. It was a collaboration from the minds of Ruthie Daughters Voss and Thayer Abaigael Lund. We designed and built this dress during The LindyHop for Life charity event we were attending, a 24-Hour Dance-a-thon, with our group, The Cult of the Eye .

1. What you'll need:

1a. two roomy (L, XL or XXL, depending on the model's figure - we used XLs and I'm about a size 8) non-fitted t-shirts

1b. enough trim to go around the finished hem of your dress (we recommend something heavier, like a beaded trim, which will help show off the fantail inset best)

1c. a sewing machine (we used a babylock, and a regular sewing machine could do just as well), but I suppose you could hand-sew it (might take a while...)

1d. one large snap

1e. other sewing essentials: pins, thread, handstitch needle (to sew on trim), sharp scissors

Step 1: The Bodice

A NOTE BEFORE WE START: All the measurements are 'eyeballed', not exact. This is both a very freeing and, yet, terrifying concept. Just keep remembering, if it all goes to Helena Handbasket, you're pretty much only out two T-shirts....

2a.Put 1st t-shirt on "the Model". At nape of neck, cut ribbing and shorten to fit snugly (without choking). Cut around neck ribbing, leaving it attached to t-shirt in the front, as wide as you want the halter to be. Sew a large snap at nape of neck to rejoin the ribbing.

2b. Cut halter and back neckline (leaving neck ribbing). Take in side seams to be form-fitting to bust (add darts, if needed for fuller bust). Cut empire seam below bust.

2c. Cut hem from sleeves of 1st t-shirt and sew into straps from halter back to neck back.

2d. From remaining fabric of the 1st t-shirt, cut a tube of fabric (wide enough to attach at empire seam and cover to just below natural waistline. Cut open tube (Tie-Cinch Waist) and attach center of it to middle front of halter at empire seam; sew front together, ending just past sides (leave ends of Tie-Cinch Waist dangling; this will become a tie in the back).

3. Save scraps from 1st t-shirt for fantail inset on skirt and to make (optional) Pin-Up Girl Pillbox Hat (that's a WHOLE different project unto itself - I'll see if I can convince Bif, the creator, to put up an instructable on that!)
<p>Fabulous dress. Great tutorial guide. I like it very much. Thanks!! </p><p>http://www.fashionhauler.com/apparel</p>
Fabulous! I love it!
Hey, I like that. I wonder if I could actually make one of them. Nice idea.
As the dress was made kinda on the fly, I realise the instructions are a bit terse and the photo essay isn't complete. If you're really interested, I'll redo the Instructable for better comprehension. :)
I'm also now interested and waiting for the refreshed tutorial :)
Oooh please do, I LOVE this, but dont trust my skills/understanding. Im also loving the little hat! Did you make that too?!
Hi I LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress and concept! But I am new to learning to sew could you send me some easier to follow instructions:)
Yeah, that would be really great. I'm not a great seamstress, but I may be able to pull this off.
Wow I love it, I am gonna try to get my friend to help me make one! &lt;3<br/> Thanks, you're awesome!<br/><sup>fav</sup><br/>

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