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Introduction: The Tyler Trike / Cargo Bike

About: Im someone who cant sit around on my work days off watching tv, so like to make things. I look at something then think " I could make that " i then set about using as much upcycled & recycled materials as i ...

My old Rottwieller Tyler is nearly 12 years old, weighs 11 stone and suffers bad from arthritis so can only get about a few yards nowadays, we used to love going out for walks and even though his brain still works his body is slowly giving up. I looked at buying some sort of trailer to get him about in but they were so expensive so I had an idea that I could build 1 for him. 1 week later and at a cost of just £4 we have a solution, The Tyler Trike. Its just had its first full run out today and after about 2 miles we came back having had no problems with it. Everything I used I sourced for free from friends and local freecycle sites. It was all welded using a simple stick arc welder and the only thing I had to buy was the paint. I have taken photo's from start to finish to show what I did. Hope you all like it and just remember all you need is a bit of imagination and you can make anything. I have now started a new project and opened a website to show everything,please check it out. 



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    What about going downhill with a load up front without front brakes. I think a cable down the middle and then bifurcate using a angled bearings for precise and equal pressure to both sides and then connected to brakes on each wheel. Stopping with three brakes can make the forward load easier stop going down a hill. An angled decline with a needed turn could go real bad without such a setup.

    I wanted one similar to that but they wanted too much money. How nice of you to care so much for you wonderful dog.
    I wish I had the skills to do this myself. I walk with my boy in his stroller he loves it. I hope your boy is with you a long time to come.

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    Thanks for your comments, i also looked at buying 1 to start with but like you was put off by the price thats why i had a go at building this 1 which turned out better than i ever expected. It is still going strong as is Tyler & still turns heads when we ride along the prom. You could maybe look at getting a trike and converting it to carry your boy. I have recently built another trike using all new metal box apart from a 2nd hand bike and all for a cost of just under £80 and a weekends work. So it goes to show it doesn't cost an arm & a leg, just a bit a hard work. Pictures of my new build will be put on in a couple of days so please have a look and tell me what you think :)

    Looks like a very fine dog. Now if only you could find a Tempurpedic mattress in the trash....

    Please keep the votes coming as I need tools for my next project lol

    Well done. Very clean work. Tyler looks very pleased.

    Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh look at his cute little face - the dog is cool too - he he.

    Had to vote for your build - good job, well impressed

    Hi all, thanks for all your nice comments, it took us about an hour to do the 2 miles as everyone that we past seemed to want to speak to us which was nice. And seeing as we are in Ingoldmells which is a seaside resort there are a lot of holiday makers to past, as for carrying him home he's like a small horse so no chance of picking him up neverlone carrying him lol. Spider2021 : It turns very easy due to me moving the normal bike forks to the bottom, the only problem it has is if you go to fast around a corner you have to lean slightly into it as it wants to tip, easy solution: I slow down. Out again today on it so if your in the area look out for us :)

    This project is great. I had a dog with similar mobility problems during his last few years, I wish I had thought to built a trike like this for him. When we would go for walks he would do alright for a while then get tired and lay down so I would carry him the rest of the way.

    Any project with a purpose is a good project! Nice thinking!

    Tyler is adorable

    That is pretty cool. How do you turn with 2 fixed wheels in the front. Would be great for people that want to go grocery shopping, and don't have a car.