The UFO Coffee Table!!





Introduction: The UFO Coffee Table!!

This is something I did from only $ 10 worth of materials, for a contest. The main part is the test tube holder.



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    Link no longer exists as it was now up for sale,if you could repost it on here then it will be there forever! For all to see your brilliance!


    Awesome idea

    I'm sure if you were REALLY determined you could make something similar with: - Two round sheets of metal (top and bottom) - A long sheet of metal (side) - Some hardware to put it together - A good drill bit or two (to make the circles) - Some coloured gels or candy wrappers (to fill the circles) - An old lamp-thing or light fixture - Something that spins like a lazy susan or something This was just 2 minutes of quick thinking, but if you really thought about it I'm sure you could make it work...

    I clicked, I saw, I clicked again. . .and I was WHOLLY unimpressed--not by the project; that was killer--but by the complete LACK of information on how to replicate same. Pardon my confusion, but isn't this a DIY/how-to site? I've been ROBBED! And it's a real beotch getting robbed when you didn't pay anything to get in. :-) Where's the BEEF?! How'd you make it, where'd you get the parts, etc.? These are the kind of tidbits, you know, which would make this an actual IN-STRUCT-IBLE.

    that's why I posted it in slideshow, not in "instructable" section....

    exactly correct usage of "slideshow", BTW...
    While it's a neat project, I suspect the uniqueness of the raw materials would make a full instuctable not that much more useful.

    Exactly my point! Unless you work in a university or a commercial lab and have access to lab junk, you'll probably not be able to find any suitable materials for this one...

    I meet the requirements to have the materials for this, now please, post a brief description of the materials and parts. THX :-)