The ULTIMATE diy boombox!

This thing is simply a gigantic ipod boombox......just way doper!  I wanted to fully build a blasting boombox for my garage and here it is.  The enclosure is made of 3/4" mdf and then I used some rattle can truck bed liner to paint it.  Yup, truck bed liner.  It came out so cool.  All the wire work would be a waste if you couldn't see it so I added a plexiglass cut-out on top and mounted the controls and buttons to it.  Also, it has a DC jack for charging and a 3.5mm audio jack to accept any audio source.  The amp has the ability to take a mic input as well so you can possibly plug in a guitar or a microphone if you feel like it.  Might be pretty awesome to plug in a mic and amp up your didgeridoo too!

Material needed:

-MDF 3/4" x whatever you want.
-plexiglass (I used some thin stuff from home depot)
-Wood Glue
-sand paper (I bought a multi grit kit from wallyworld)
-various little wood screws that you can scrounge up
-speakers (my sub is a pyle 8" and the mids/tweets are some boss 6 1/2" components.  Both found on amazon for a STEAL)
-amp (also found on amazon which was normally 280 bucks that I scored for 70!)
-momentary push button switches if need be (I got mine from ebay on the cheap)
-good quality wire (I had a spool of 18awg black and got the 18awg red and 12awg red from home depot)
-1/8" heat shrink (whatever color you choose)
-zip ties
-truck bed liner spray paint (I found mine at home depot)
-primer spray paint

Alright....lets do this! 

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jtrdfw4 months ago
That looks incredibly sweet. However, have you thought about making internal enclosures to match the speakers (in particular, the sub). The sound difference is likely to blow you away.
iwanttoolearn8 months ago
hello i want to put some leds to my boombox and they have to be syncd with the sound. how am i doing?
viluuu8 months ago
Do you have kik or something? Can you help me, with project like this?
EKfkn48 months ago
Awesome write-up! I'll definitely be jumping into this one head first. Quick question, you have a DC jack for charging up top. Does the amp hold a charge? I assumed it had to be plugged in to a 110 outlet.
DustySeven711 months ago
Nice wiring. Just an idea to spice it up and possibly look a bit more clean is to sleeve the cable bundle
I've sourced out all the parts i need, but i need to know how much wire you used haha if you used a whole spool, wire could easily be the most expensive part!
SDgeek (author)  Toastalicious1 year ago
Lol...i wish I could give you a good idea, but I have NO clue on the footage!!! I work at a industrial wiring/mod shop and i scored my wire from there.

The best way to determine footage is to figure out your longest run andthen start adding it all up if wire is gonna be tight. I personally would buy a few small spools instead of a big spool so that you can return anything you dont use or buy it as need be. The only down fall to small spools is the slinky effect. Due to the wire sitting on a spool for a while it starts to take its shape and then you have to straighten it. The best way to straighten coiled wire is to grip it...apply pressure with your thumb/thumb nail to the back of the coil and stroke it. Seems tedious but you WILL get straight wiring that way.
thanks for the tip! one other thing, i notice you have crossovers for the mid as well as the tweets, but none for the sub?
This "box" is a thing of beauty. The workmanship is outstaning.
SDgeek (author)  millstonemike1 year ago
Thanks buddy....once I get my wife's crap off my workbench, ive got an inside the house one I've been cooking up
RockinIra1 year ago
For folks with less electrical skill, that want a loud boom box, just mount the entire assembled amp (an old 1970's stereo receiver), inside a speaker enclosure.

For the solder friendly, relocate the pots for volume, balance and tone, to completely hide the receiver inside the boombox case.
Thunder63222 years ago
If i have a 600 watt subwoofer and to 250 watt tweeters(which is 1100 watts) do i need a 1000 watt amp or 2000 watt amp?
SDgeek (author)  Thunder63221 year ago
Typically the total watts on an amp is split between the channels....simple as that. If you have a 1000 watt 4channel amp each channel will be about 250 watts. Peak that is. You dont, for the most part, run an amp at full peak wattage is kinda bullshit. RMS is the real deal and is what youre actually getting/paying for. The equation is,from what i remember, .7xpeak=rms. Soooooooooooo .7xmy 1100 watt amp=770rms. 770/2=385. My bottom shelf, in a plastic bottle, amp 'should' provide you with about 385 watts of decent dubstep enjoyment.

Thanks for the equation! Now, I can finally get somewhere.
(removed by author or community request)
Where would I find that?
You can easily find one in "" simply type the amplifier your looking for (ex. 2x50w car amplifier)
Not necessarily, all you need is to add is the minimum recommended amplifier power.
gucci1132 years ago
you can make a video? would like to hear how it sounds.
antoon2 years ago
nice !!! i want one of those but i have to little monney so ... :(
mhartnett2 years ago
any other cheaper ams that you could suggest, i really love the project but i live in ireland and the equivlent amp will cost me about 5 times as much!
SDgeek (author)  mhartnett2 years ago
Any amp will do. Car audio amps would be an excellent choice! You would just need to feed it the right power.
Thunder63222 years ago
I have damaged the solder points on another project. Could you tell me how to repair those?
SDgeek (author)  Thunder63222 years ago
Scratch the varnish off the associated trace as best you can and then bend your terminating wire at a 90 degree angle, then surface solder to the exposed trace. Difficult, yes. Doable, yes.

Google, lifted solder pad repair or something similar and u should have examples galore.

Don't hesitate to ask me for additional help....
Oh yeah and by the way, I am dealing with surface mount components. I am not having problems with this instructable ( haven't enough knowledge of diy audio yet), so is there any more information that you can give me?
SDgeek (author)  Thunder63222 years ago
You have to be more specific....sorry man
I might have hit the wrong button on the post comment thing so this might be a repeat. I am replacing smd 0603 LEDs onto an xbox 360 RF module(power button). I was wondering how the LED would work with the wire connected to the copper trace considering the LED has to sit on it's side.
SDgeek (author)  Thunder63222 years ago
I would say who cares....just as long as its connected
OK. Thanks for your help.
Thanks, this saved me a little money.
bowmaster2 years ago
Dang man, I thought I was the king of wiring, but you have me beat. I really like this, now I can make the boombox of my dreams. (dual 8" woofers [one each side], 3" midrange [one each side], and triple 2" tweeters [meaning three each side], for those of you wondering)
SDgeek (author)  bowmaster2 years ago
I fully wanna see it!!
Me too, it'll be a while. I have a few projects with higher priority.
SDgeek (author) 2 years ago
Thanks guys...This amp came out very quiet too. As in, noise with no audio. The amp is plenty powerful for this size enclosure. I'm kinda scared to blast it at full volume cuz it seems like it would blow the friggin lid off! If anyone wants help building one of these, just lemme know....
I can't imagine how loud this gets, considering my 120watt speakers hurt to listen to at full volume.
vov35 bowmaster2 years ago
Most speaker systems hurt to listen to at full volume. It's really a question of too much high frequency noise being emitted. That said, these large drivers should deliver plenty of loud, pleasing sound, while the tweeters SHOULD be tuned to prevent that annoying painful tinny noise. I don't know if he actually went ahead and did that....
bowmaster vov352 years ago
It doesn't hurt because of the pitch, it's just super loud.
vov35 bowmaster2 years ago
120 watts is not "super loud" while maintaining a properly balanced sound output. (not dissing your system, 120 watts is plenty for most applications; and can be plenty loud, at the expense of accurate sound.)

I'm sitting in the middle of a 505 watt logitech system, which isn't painful to the ears until turned up well past 400. This is because the drivers used in the system have a good surface area and are capable of reproducing sound at these power levels without of any problems.

The thing is: most systems are designed to have a good balanced frequency output within the normal listening range. Maximum volume is beyond that, and the speakers in your system cannot displace enough air to reproduce the lower frequencies as well, thus the volume begins to only effect high frequencies, which in consequence, hurts your ears.
bowmaster vov352 years ago
Oh no, go ahead and diss my system. I got it at Big-lots for $25!!!
SDgeek (author)  vov352 years ago
Oh...I did buy a set of some bomb computer speakers to initially do this. I returned multiple systems due to the fact that they were just plain jenkee! Fake speakers in some. It seems like the mobile speakers are just flat out built better than alot of "home" speakers. Thats why I went this route.

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