Picture of The USB Lockpick - Hack Any Password
Forgot your password? Obtained an old computer that was password-protected?
This simple, innocent looking USB drive will erase any Windows password, allowing you full access to an account. And best of all, it is 100% free! (assuming you already have an old flash drive)

Note: This Instructable is designed for password recovery only. The author is not promoting or responsible for the consequences of usage for other non-legitimate reasons. 
Also note: The software is provided by this website. I did not write this software. Use at your own risk. This is my first instructable, and I will do the best job I can. Constructive feedback is appreciated.

Step 1: What You Will Need

Material-wise, this is not complex, and you should not have a problem getting all of these things.
1. USB storage device (Size is not an issue, the files are less than 4 megabytes)
2. Windows computer with USB ports and internet access.
3. Administrative privileges. (Needed to make the USB drive bootable)

This is designed and works only for Windows. I have only tested it on Windows 7, but Windows 2000 or later should work just fine. Linux users, be happy that your operating system is more secure.
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GregoryM17 months ago

I tried to download the data to my USB drive from http://pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/cd100627.zip and got a 404 Error, Page not Found.


Unless you wrote this software yourself, you are a script kiddie.
BinaryMage (author)  deusprogrammer4 years ago
If you had actually read the Instructable, you would know that I did not write the software. As for being a script kiddie, all I can do is point to what I clearly and concisely stated on the first step:

"Note: This Instructable is designed for password recovery only. The author is not responsible for the consequences of usage for other non-legit reasons."

This is not a tool for hacking into other people's computers. (There are much better tools for that.) It is a password recovery tool. Apparently I did not do a good enough job of making that clear.
*Puts foot in mouth* You are right. You did. I will go hang myself now.
BinaryMage (author)  deusprogrammer4 years ago
It's all good. My title was misleading anyway, I just wanted a title that would excite people. I probably should have chose something different.
Also, I like your username. I have used my username for years and have yet to see anyone with the same name =D. Yours seems rather unique too. If you didn't already have it, I would use it. Are you in the security field? I have my degree in CS with a focus in security. If you would ever like to learn more about security (assuming you don't already know a lot), I would be happy to share my knowledge =D.
Do you like HiPoweredHacker?
mnabil24 years ago
I also doing the same. System Boot from USB and take control to the login page... Middle step as you mentioned "Numbering will appear" is not appearing and control goes directly to the login page. Remember! No Issue BIOS and Boot from USB First.
syons mnabil23 years ago
Some computer can not use this method that mine also can work with it.
Finally I use a password tool calls "windows password rescuer",it also run form CD/USB drive,it is small just around 35 M.
Google for the name can find the instructions.
BinaryMage (author)  mnabil24 years ago
I'm sorry, I'm having a hard time understanding your problem. What motherboard do you have? Maybe I can give you some more detailed instructions.
carola234 years ago
it said "error:failed to copy registry files"
and i can't see the list of users either--can you please help me?
BinaryMage (author)  carola233 years ago
Try recopying the files to the USB drive.
gt111824 years ago
'syslinux.exe' is not recognized as a command. I am using windows 7, does that have do do with anything?
BinaryMage (author)  gt111823 years ago
Hmm. Make sure you're running cmd.exe as an administrator.
mnabil24 years ago
USB got boot able but no numbering appears as i bootup the system and windows runs fine and take to the logon page... As the mentioned the steps... They do not appear.
yea, and the best part is, now i have the actual administrator account at my fingertips!!!
TheGreatS4 years ago
Maybe I should get a Linux os soon, any ideas on a specific Linux?(I am NOT however get DVL, that would defeat the purpose)
BinaryMage (author)  TheGreatS4 years ago
Gentoo if you have experience and want speed/customization, Ubuntu if you've never used Linux before. Those are the two I have the most experience with, but other popular distributions include Debian, Mint, Fedora, OpenSUSE, Mandriva, and Slackware.
This is getting way off topic, but this needs a reply.

If you're a Linux noob, _don't_ get Gentoo. Even for an experienced Linux user it is just about the most difficult version to install and depending on hardware, can literally take days. At the moment I wouldn't go for Ubuntu either. The latest version (11.04) comes with a brand new desktop called Unity, which is unlike any desktop you have ever used.

My choice for new Linux users would be Mint 11 (not the Mint Debian version). Very simple install, easy menu and navigation and it will install most of what the average user would need, such as an office suite (libreoffice), powerful image editor (Gimp), multimedia creation and playback etc.

BinaryMage (author)  aspir8or4 years ago
This is better advice than mine. Thank you!
Great Thanks!
I run Windows 7 (x64 Bit)

Wow. It's nice, but I ran into some trouble. I first unlocked the administrator account and explored that for a little bit. Then, when I rebooted, I changed MY password, and found for some reason I couldn't log in. I was getting worried so I just cleared the password the next time. And when that didn't work, I went into Administrator Control Panel for User Accounts, and changed my password, and EVERYTHING IS FINE HAHAHAHAHA.
But this is really ingenious, I feel like a kind-of n00by haxxor!! Thanks
BinaryMage (author)  headrocker074 years ago
Glad you enjoyed it. I'm not sure why that happened, though. You figured it out though, so no worries.
mbartolucci4 years ago
just wondering, would my usb still be able to work as a memory stick, even if I do this to it?
Gold wolf4 years ago
when i type syslinux.exe -m m: it says syslinux.exe -m m: is not reconised as a internal or external command, operable program or batch file
BinaryMage (author)  Gold wolf4 years ago
Type syslinux.exe -ma m:
i typed this multiple times, even copy and pasted but i still got the same error message as @Gold_Wolf
thanks so i did that and it said accessing physical drive: access denied. did not successfully update the MBR; continuing...
BinaryMage (author)  Gold wolf4 years ago
Run the command prompt as an administrator. (Right click, "Run as administrator")
spicy sex5 years ago
hi which type of software is recomended for facebook password stealing
Facebook password stealing is illegal. To recover YOUR password you can use a bunch of different things, including brutus, elcomsoft facebook password crack for you own computer, and a many other things. You should search Back Track.
SS, if you are trying to steal a facebook password from somebody, then nobody on this site will help you. That is a breach of security, an illegal act.

Instructables is not a site for criminals. It was not, is not, and hopefully won't be anytime soon. Instructablers are very careful about maintaining a good image for the site. It is comments like these that corrupt that image and risk getting the site taken down. You may think this is a remote possibility; It very well may be. But that's a gamble I'm not game to take on.

Your intentional may have been entirely innocent in posting the comment. But don't think for one second you can get help in breaking the law from instructables. It won't happen.

I hope that if you really intended to steal someone's password that you have since thought critically about that choice. Hacking is not a child's game. It is not a harmless and playful activity that you can teach yourself without consequences. It is, however, taken very seriously by those who make the laws and those who enforce them.

I agree. This has got to be the dumbest posting I've seen. The one's trying this are in for allot of trouble. Minimum is YOUR FIRED to Prison Time. You don't think that will happen? Just try it; I seen it happen.. Look up computer crimes laws for your state.
Also goes for another post about installing keylogger's or any other malware..
I don't need anything like this to access windows password or reset a cmos password....
BinaryMage (author)  spicy sex5 years ago
I am assuming you are doing this for legit reasons. The best way to do it is to put a keylogger on the victim's computer. It will record the username and password when they log in.
Well that will be sort of difficult if your like me and just click the "keep me logged in" box, but you could make a "virus" along with the keylogger that will delete the history and cookies.... that what i did, my friend hacked my facebook and put some stuff on there that wasnt true, soooo i got him back pretty nicely :)
the use of the words stealing, victim and virus does not suggest legit reasons
rwayman4 years ago
Im using windows xp and the format options are fat32 and exfat so i picked fat 32
and then i put the files like you said and everything and when i tried to boot off of it is said missing operation file whats wrong.
BinaryMage (author)  rwayman4 years ago
Try using this tool to format the drive as FAT.
rwayman4 years ago
and when i put this in syslinux.exe -ma m: with m for my usb drive (e) and it says usage something whats wrong with this too
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