The UUUgly Slingbag Cover

An Ugly Sling bag cover that I use during Rain or Snow as I am a Photographer and carry a DSLR everywhere I go. Its Weatherproof and It was used it during the 2012 Blizzard.

Items needed:
Ugly Gray Duck Tape
1 Gallon Size Ziploc Style Bag

Time to Complete:
35 Minutes
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Step 1: Before

Picture of Before
The four pictures are what it looked like for about a year now with wings! the last Picture shows the trimmed wings to give it a smoother shape

Step 2: The Free Duct Tape Roll and a Gallon Size Bag!

Picture of The Free Duct Tape Roll and a Gallon Size Bag!
I found a old roll of tape in my toolbag!! I am in Tape heaven! ( Pic 1 )

I used a Gallon sized Ziploc Style Bag bought from the Dollar Tree! ( Three in a box! ) ( Pic 2 )

Step 3: Taping Along All Edges

Picture of Taping Along All Edges
I already had covered the edges of the bag with tape from last year, they were in pretty good condition. So, the following four pictures are about taping the trimmed edges.

I layed out a piece of tape under the edge that was trimmed ( Pic 1 )

Noticed how I cut the tape for folding. ( Pic 2 )

The Small tab of tape nearest the bag is folded over like so. ( Pic 3 )

Go to the Other Edge and do the same folding there. Now fold the LONG piece of tape up and onto bag
( Pic 4 )

So it looks like this. ( Pic 5 )

Flip bag over. ( Pic 6 )

Fold flaps of Tape so they look like this. ( Pic 7 )

Now they look like this ( a little Blurry ) ( Pic 8 )

Do the Other Edge that was trimmed in the same manner as this one.
audreyobscura7 months ago
THIS IS GREAT! What a cheap/easy way to waterproof gear! Thank you so much for the share!
EyeWander (author)  audreyobscura7 months ago
And Wait for the GORILLA tape stuff ( this will be fun..LOL ) Thanks for the heads up
EyeWander (author)  audreyobscura7 months ago
You Are Very Welcome, Before the Frugal Gourmet there was the Frugal Tinkerer..ME!

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