Picture of The UberWallet
2012-03-19 15.03.44.jpg
My UberWallet.

2 cash pockets,2 credit card holders, and the possibility for ultimate modification (see my bus pas holder, chage pocket mod at the end)

To make this masterpiece you will need -

one (1) piece A3 paper (the thinner the better, thin newspaper works really well)
one (1) sheet sticky back plastic about 36 cm * 24 cm (you can use tape but its far more fiddley)
one (1) small sharp craft knife.
NO ruler needed (after measuring out the sticky back plastic anyway)
A little folding skill

Step 1: First Folds

Picture of First Folds
1, Fold the paper into half and half again and open back out both horizontally and vertically. this will give you 16 equal rectangles.
Then, fold a 'lip' at the top edge about 1-2 cm down