The Ultimate Appetizer... Pigs in a Blanket! Cheap & Easy!





Introduction: The Ultimate Appetizer... Pigs in a Blanket! Cheap & Easy!

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Great to bring to parties, club meetings, or any other festivity. Perfect for lunch or dinner around the DVD player. Easy to make with kids and tastes great! Relatively inexpensive as well. Plenty of room for embellishments too!

Step 1: Equipment

You'll need the following equipment:

2 cookie sheets
aluminum foil
pot holder
prep surface

Step 2: Supplies

This is one of the great features; every thing is pretty inexpensive.

You'll need the following supplies:

1 package of Little Smokies
4 rolls of Twist & Pop biscuits

There are usually about 42 smokies in a package and 10 biscuits in a twist & pop roll.

The Little Smokies go on sale regularly, they retail for around $4 but they're on sale pretty often for $2.50. We always stock up when they're on sale and freeze most of them. See picture below. I used the cheddar variety, next favorite is the Beef. They can be substituted with any thing you'd like! We have used pepperoni & mozzarella, sliced hot dogs, ham & cheese, you could even use a soy based protein for your vegan friends. Anything goes!

We like the inexpensive store brand Twist and Pops. You can usually get a 4 pack for around $2. We have tried the name brands side by side with them, and liked the cheaper ones better. It doesn't seem to matter whether we use home style or buttermilk. These too can be subbed with croissants or just abut anything you can figure. We used to make these with homemade bread dough, but this way is just too easy!

Step 3: Prep (AKA Preperation)

Save preheating the oven to 375 until about 1/2 way through rolling these up (the next step).

Cover the two cookie sheets with aluminum foil.

Over the sink, snip off one corner of the smokies package and drain it into the sink. Then, tear open the top of the package and pour them into a bowl. You want as little liquid on the smokies as possible.

Follow the directions for opening your Twist & Pops. (My wife hates sudden noises and always makes me or the kids open them for her :-) ) If they don't pop open when you pull off the paper, press in alongside the seam with your thumbs or a spoon. Set the biscuits to one side on your prep surface.

Step 4: Fabrication of the Goodness!

Remember to preheat your oven to 375F midway through this step!

I know this seems a tad detailed but it will prevent the biscuits from unrolling in the oven. Then you will wind up with "Pigs ON a Blanket" which doesn't quite convey the same experience.

Lay one biscuit on the prep surface in front of you.

Place a smokie in the center of the biscuit.

Fold the biscuit over the top of the smokie and bring the edge forward until it meets the bottom edge.

With two fingers, press the top edge into the bottom edge. Then roll the assembly forward towards yourself.

Pick it up and place it on the foiled cookie sheet with the seam side downward.

Step 5: Cook'n 'em Up!

This should be a relatively straight foward process. During the middle of the last step you preheated your oven to 375 degrees F. This is a little cooler then the biscuit directions call for, but as the smokie is in the middle, we'll be cooking them for 2-3 minutes longer.

I set the racks in the middle of the four slots in the oven.

Cook them at 375F for 15 minutes but...

Swap them top to bottom midway through. This way they will cook more evenly.

Step 6: Finished!


Now try and wait a few seconds for them to cool below flesh blistering temperature!

Oh and don't forget to clean up after yourself!





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    that is your oven, yeah.  random instructables fans come and use your oven to test their ideas before they do them at home, just in case it explodes.  i came in to test my grilled cheese idea (by now exploded), and shared these pigs in a blanket (pigs in blankets??) with mikey.

    Darn it Klingon!  Now where are we going to test out our stuff?!?

    Umm football food. Making some now.

    This is weird! I've only just discovered this whilst looking for something to cook as a midnight snack, is this an american thing? In Britain, we have pigs in blankets as sausages wrapped in bacon! I suppose you could argue that pig wouldn't wrap themselves in other pigs, but it's a lot tastier!

    Pigs in a Blanket really are the ultimate party snack. Instead of using biscuits, I cut Pillsbury Crescents in half and then wrap the little smokies. That way it's flaky and more buttery.

    "Pigs in a blanket" Aren't they just mini sausage rolls?

    2 replies

    Sure are! This is what my family calls them. However, a sausage roll by any other name...

    ..Would be just as bad for your health haha. I was just making the point that these are quite easily available, if indeed they were sausage rolls, and that you don't need to make them from scratch if you want to eat them :)

    lol apitizer shoot my family we cover a whole hotdog with Pilsbury Grand biscuts and bake them in an oven for dinner great for lunch next day pop one inthe microwave heat it up put soem ketchup mustard man theyre are good!

    Also to answer the orgin question they are Czech...<br/><a rel="nofollow" href=""></a><br/>

    2 replies

    I dunno. "meat stuff inside bread stuff" is pretty universal. I've had a larger version of this at RenFairs claiming to be "toad in the hole" (claimed to be Ren. english, except that "real" TitH recipes are quite different.) I suspect that the american version originated with the one of the manufacturers (mini hot-dogs or packaged biscuits.) (see also Bageldog, corndog, pork bun, pastie, sausage roll, etc, etc, etc.)

    Yes, those look good, But, I just use Hot Dogs and Biscuts... :)

    Thanks for the great comments folks! And thanks for the variations! Mikey

    I love these! I help my mom make them at super bowl time. We use crescent rolls though, cut into smaller triangles.

    Try this: instead of biscuits get the Orange Flavored Cinnamon Rolls. Be sure to get savory little sausages. After cooking drizzle with the included orange sauce! Yumm!

    this is how i make them except with a sliver of cheese with the cocktail wiener. Does anybody know the origin of this dish? i thought it was Czech/German origin because its very popular in Texas Ive seen bacon wrapped around a hotdog called a pig in a blanket as well.

    awwwwww im sooo hungry! they look very tasty!! nice work :D

    Nicely done Instructable... I usually make ours with crescent rolls, and they are indeed a favorite. We preferred some mini-hotdogs using mixed meats (they seemed to be less greasy than the beef lil' smokies, believe it or not), but they seem to no longer be available. It's worth experimenting with different sausages to see what you like best.