The Ultimate Cake

Picture of The Ultimate Cake
I'm told my cakes are legendary and I'm always asked to make them for peoples birthdays at work so I thought I would write an instructable for them.

This recipe can be used to make various cakes, this is a basic Victoria sponge, but could be adapted to make chocolate or Coffee cake if you add the right bits at the right time.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
You will need


Mixing Bowl


Electric Hand mixer

2 x 18 Inches non-stick cake tins (good tins are extremely important)

250 grams of Self Raising Flour

250 grams of margarine

250 grams of caster sugar

3 x large eggs

2 x tsp Vanilla Essence

icing sugar

Strawberry Jam


Step 2: Prep the tins and oven

Picture of Prep the tins and oven
First things first turn your oven on to 180 Degrees Celsius; make sure you don't have any baking sheets or other pots in there.

now you want to coat your Cake Tins in a thin layer of lard, I know they are non-stick but do it anyway, I prefer to use my fingers mostly because I can be sure I have coated the tins plus the heat from your fingers will melt the lard slightly giving the tins a nice light coating. Make sure you cover every part of it, including the sides.

Now you need to take about a Table Spoon of flour and put it in one of the tins and work it round by shaking and tapping the tin make sure its all coated the sides as well, with the left over flour do the same with the other tin and bin the last little bit of flour we don't need it.

Put your tins aside for later use.

Step 3: Cream the margarine and Sugar

Picture of Cream the margarine and Sugar
Take your 250g of margarine and 250g of caster sugar and pop it in your mixing bowl, its good if your margarine is almost room temp it makes it easier to mix.

Now using your mixer mix the Margarine and sugar together until its creamed.
esmith172 years ago
looks good although I like to sprinkle icing sugar over it to give it a frosted look. The hardest thing I find when Trying to make a nice cake is the filling - havent come across many tasty recipes for fillings
n1cod3mus (author)  esmith172 years ago
you cant go wrong with jam and butter icing, with a little vanilla in it, lovely for a summer picnic ;-)
tecneeq5 years ago
Strange, peeps tell me too that i make good cakes. However, i suspect they lie! Cake is like sex, if it's good it's very good. If it's bad, it's better than nothing.

I suspect they say my cake is good, because it's better than no cake at all ;).

Then again, you seem to make a truly fine cake. Looks tasty :).
n1cod3mus (author)  tecneeq5 years ago
im liking the analogy

i would think the same that some cake is better than no cake but my cakes have been mistaken for shop bought cakes on more than one occasion.

also they say that the proof is in the eating, and my cake lasted less than one day at work and people came back for seconds!

i also have requests to make cakes all the time, and im now nominated cake baker for peoples birthdays at work as well as being asked to make a few wedding cakes!

and im a bloke! go figure.