I'm told my cakes are legendary and I'm always asked to make them for peoples birthdays at work so I thought I would write an instructable for them.

This recipe can be used to make various cakes, this is a basic Victoria sponge, but could be adapted to make chocolate or Coffee cake if you add the right bits at the right time.

Step 1: What You Need

You will need


Mixing Bowl


Electric Hand mixer

2 x 18 Inches non-stick cake tins (good tins are extremely important)

250 grams of Self Raising Flour

250 grams of margarine

250 grams of caster sugar

3 x large eggs

2 x tsp Vanilla Essence

icing sugar

Strawberry Jam

looks good although I like to sprinkle icing sugar over it to give it a frosted look. The hardest thing I find when Trying to make a nice cake is the filling - havent come across many tasty recipes for fillings
you cant go wrong with jam and butter icing, with a little vanilla in it, lovely for a summer picnic ;-)
Strange, peeps tell me too that i make good cakes. However, i suspect they lie! Cake is like sex, if it's good it's very good. If it's bad, it's better than nothing.<br /> <br /> I suspect they say my cake is good, because it's better than no cake at all ;).<br /> <br /> Then again, you seem to make a truly fine cake. Looks tasty :).<br />
im liking the analogy<br /> <br /> i would think the same that some cake is better than no cake but my cakes have been mistaken for shop bought cakes on more than one occasion.<br /> <br /> also they say that the proof is in the eating, and my cake lasted less than one day at work and people came back for seconds!<br /> <br /> i also have requests to make cakes all the time, and im now nominated cake baker for peoples birthdays at work as well as being asked to make a few wedding cakes!<br /> <br /> and im a bloke! go figure.<br />

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