Picture of The Ultimate Cat Scratching Post
For people who love cats obsessively (or just want to protect their furniture). Note, I tend to do things the hard way so there is probably a simpler way to do this. This scratching post was designed to give my cats something to club on and it auto trims their nails protecting my furniture and hands. You will need the following supplies:

1. 1 piece of fabric remnant 2 ft. by 7 3/4 ft (or slightly under the height of your ceiling)
2. 6 inch PVC pipe (You can also do 4 inches, but it is VERY hard to turn inside out and not recommended)
3. Wooden base
4. Sewing thread and needles
5. Super glue

It is also helpful to have a wooden board to spring open the PVC Pipe while you are pulling the carpet onto the pipe.
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Step 1: Make the PVC Groove Tube on a Table Saw (3/4")

Picture of Make the PVC Groove Tube on a Table Saw (3/4
Take your 6 inch PVC pipe and cut a groove into it with a table saw. You will need to make several passes with the saw as the plastic has a tendency to flex closed each time. Each pass of a standard saw will remove 1/8 inch of material so you will need to make 6 passes to remove 3/4 inch. This was about the right amount I found to leave a grove in the PVC pipe that would fit my carpet sample and still hold it closed.

You wedge this open while putting on the carpet so that you can put the extra fabric in the groove.

Step 2: Shopbot/Turn the Wooden Base

Picture of Shopbot/Turn the Wooden Base
Next I made the wooden base on the shopbot. You can see the groove for the carpet to rest in. You can cut the entire thing on the shopbot, but I also used the a woodlathe on the outside to round and smooth the edges.

Pretty Sweet.

If you have a heavy cat, you can attach this base to a heavy piece of concrete, sand, etc.
jonnyd553 years ago
Your cat is cute :)
Li Sashay (author)  jonnyd553 years ago
Thanks, she's a little hell beast on paws, but we love her.
Hahahah its so funny you say that! My sister just got a kitten that looks just like your cutie and she calls her "the devil kitty!" haha!!! :] great 'idble!!! Voted
Li Sashay (author)  BarginsTech2 years ago
Thanks so much. I don't know if it's a good or bad thing that Demi Mew has siblings in the world. When is that Mayan calendar supposed to have the world ending again? ;-)
Hahahahahahahaa!!! Mayan calendar!!! Thats the devil kitty! It must be that pattern lol!
Li Sashay (author)  BarginsTech2 years ago
Oh wow...they look exactly the SAME. Too funny! Thanks for the photo. :-)