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Introduction: The Ultimate Geocache

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This is a little project I have been working on with the goal of being an infamous five star geocahe. I used a hacksaw to cut the base off of a dead tree and cut the cap. I hollowed out the log with a drill press, creating a hidden space for the film canister and SWAG. Finally, I epoxied some mossy bark to the stump to give it an aged appearance and hide the cut line. Now all I have to do is find an appropriate spot and plant the stump. For those unfamiliar with Geocaching, take a look at this Instructable.



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    Nice! Looks very cool. And for a 5 star geocache, I have an idea.... "Geo cache is hidden near where a river meets the lake. It is very difficult to find. Hint: Bring scuba gear"

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    been done near Springfield ma....not the exact wording but scuba gear needed

    IMHO, caching that requires searchers to have scuba gear (or a helicopter, night-vision goggles, jackhammer, etc) makes it a bogus cache.

    My "Uncle" Rick has found all of the Geocaches in our town. This is the perfect way to stump him and others looking for it, this is something i will definitely try!

    Good one. Very much like one of my caches at Lake Silverwood near Hesperia, CA.. I found a burned sign post in a forest fire area and cut it in half, hollowed out the center, and glued in a wooden tube in the middle to hold the cache. With gloves, put the two halves back together.. and returned it to near where I found it with cache on board. Few would give it a second look! :)

    awwweeee man, that is sooo mean! your gonna have people looking for months for this one! LOL nice cache!

    Now that is clever. Much better than hiding your spare key under a rock!

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    Hahaha, thanks!. My friend's house was broken into once. The guy kicked down the door without realizing that the key was in a plastic turtle right next to it.

    I see he was intelligent...

    Sorry to hear about the mulcher accident with the cache. I was never able to go out and find it, but I hope you are able to make a better one someday and place it away from pesky construction workers

    Have you placed this geocache? I saw from your last geocache that you were only 9.4 miles from my home coords so if this one is close too I will def have to come out and find it. I have a slight leg up though since I'll know what I'm looking for. :)

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    Says the cache is unpublished :( what is it called? I'll just search it that way.

    That's odd. It's "The Root of All Evil" (GC1KP6Z).

    Nice! I made one similar to this, however it has about a one litre to two litre capacity! Thank for the tips -PKT

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    Thanks. Cool! Do you have any pictures?

    Where do you get that moss? Is it artificial? -PKT

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    I just collected loose moss and bits of bark that had fallen to the ground.

    This has to be one of the meanest geocache hiding devices I've ever seen! No simple pile of sticks or a dead log for you! Though I have seen the film cannister in the bottom of a log trick before, your's will be even more disguised!