Introduction: The Ultimate Guide to Airsofting!(Really)

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In this guide I will show you how airsoft guns work,how to maintainan the guns, saftey and more. So please continue on reading this instructible Thanks, Dont forget to make comments.

Step 1: Chose Your Type of Gun

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The first thing you want to do is choese the syle or airsoft gun you want. (ex. M16,M4, ETC. If you don't  care then continue on with the guide. Here's a list of different styles


Step 2: Chosing Power Source

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Now that you've chosen you style or you've left it till later, you are now are able to chose your power source.There are three major types of power sources

 -Spring: Cheapest and most reliable, 125-500+FPS    
 -Electric: Fast rate of fire most realistic 115-450FPS
 -Gas: Blowback & Non-Blowback versions 250-500+FPS

For a sniper i reccomend spring they are the most reliable for not jaming & are the most accurate

For assault or defensive I reccomend ans AEG (Automatic Electric Gun)

For a side arm I reccomend A gas or Spring Gun

Step 3: Choosing Your Type of Operations

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Now that youve Chose your Power source, you must now pick your operation. There are 5 different types of operations.

-C.Q.B. (Close Quarter Battle)

I will explain the jobs individualy in the next few steps

Step 4: Sniper

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To be a sniper you must be patient, steathy and accurate. the word sniper means close precision engagment. you must have good aim. you must also have good contact with your other team members. the gear you need:
-Sniper rifle
-Camoflauge Clothing
-Side Arm
-Spare Mags

If you bought all of this gear all at once it would cost you $75-$950 Don't be afraid, your wallet will not burn, just try to find the cheapest prices.

Step 5: C.Q.B.

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The C.Q.B. style of of play requires certain materials, not all are mandatory but will come in handy.

-Short barreled rifle/SubMachine
-Pistol/Sidearm(optional but highly recommended)

Step 6: Field

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To be in the field you might want to have a few of these items

-Rifle(not sniper)
-Spare mags
-Red Dot Sights(optional)

Step 7: Defender

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Defenders are maily used in capture the flag matches to protect the flag

You'll Need
-Shotgun/C.Q.B. Rifle

Step 8: Marksman

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To be a marksman you may want to scope your assult rifle like this...
otherwise you should mix the sniper and Feild classes

Step 9: Choosing Your Gun

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Now that you've chose your type of gun and job now ot is time to pick a web sit to buy from here are some sites that i like to buy from...

NEVER I Repeat never buy from it's a scam!

Step 10: So How Do Airsoft Guns Work?

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  1. Air soft guns are recreational guns that shoot small pellets, or bb's, at a high speed, but not high enough to kill. Air soft guns are designed for sport and entertainment. They are designed to be shot at people in recreational games. The three types of air soft guns are gas-powered guns, spring-powered guns and automatic electric guns.

    Gas-Powered Guns

  2. Gas powered guns operate much like an air bb or pellet gun. The gun is powered by a compressed form of propane gas, called 134a green gas. The compressed gas is loaded into the gun and a portion of the gas is released at high pressure. The high pressure is targeted at the pellet or bb in the gun, pressure then causes the pellet or bb to accelerate out of the gun. The gas source must be replaced frequently.

    Spring-Powered Guns

  3. The spring-powered gun uses a tension spring to impart velocity on the pellet or bb. The spring is cocked by manual power, meaning the person holding the gun provides the force necessary to put the spring in a tensed position. When you pull the trigger, the tension in the spring is released into the pellet or bb, which causes the pellet or bb to release from the gun at a high velocity. Because the spring must be manually cocked for each pellet or bb, the spring-powered gun is limited to single fire shooting.

    Automatic Electric Guns

  4. The automatic electric gun is the most expensive, and probably the most popular, form of air soft gun. These guns run on electric battery power. The battery powers a small motor which imparts acceleration onto each pellet or bb. Because the motor can run continuously, these guns can be automatic, or they can be restricted to single fire or semi-automatic. The batteries have to be replaced or recharged after high usage.

Step 11: Saftey Precautions

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To be safe always always wear somthing to protect your eyes here is a short video on saftey
For a mask i use a neoprene full face mask with goggles.

Step 12: Training

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Ive always said that a airsoft gun is only as good as the person pulling the trigger. This is Esspescially True in airsoft unless you have a 12fps gun. Here are some different types of training

Target Practice: The most common form of training. Perfects accurcy

Team missions: Least used unless your on a airsoft team. helps perfect teamwork, tactics and accurcy.

In war training: More commonly said as exsperience. learning from failure.

Step 13: Camofluage

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Camoflauge is a key comonent in airsoft. you wouldn't want to be running around in neon red. what you might want to is at least get a brown jacket for dead brush or green (not bright or neon) for live brush. if you want to go further buy a BDU (Battle Dress Uniform). if you want to completly camoflauge your head follow as this photo shows

Step 14: Weapon Accessories

Picture of Weapon Accessories

There are many different types of weapon accessories that you can make or buy. ill list a few of them here

-Grenade launchers

Step 15: Upgrades

Picture of Upgrades

you can purchase upgrades such as tighter barrels, seal nozzles, springs, motors and body upgrades. click here to view airsplat's upgrade directory

internal upgrades

External upgrades

Step 16: Grenades

Picture of Grenades

Airsoft Grenades are very undeveloped thay explode into like 7 diferent peices they are also very exspensive dont buy them make them the easter egg ones are perfect! there on this site.

Step 17: Have Fun

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Airsoft is a fun team sport so just have fun with it. lets go shoot!!!


masonsbro (author)2010-07-24

Wait a minute... How exactly is an AEG most realistic? I thought that would be GBB.

A lot of GBB's don't have full metal components because it uses more parts for more movements. It would be unrealistically bulky an ddifficult to use. Almost all high-end AEG's are full metal, since the only moving parts ar einside of the gearbox. And actually AEG's have a suprising regularity of burst fire capabilities , that is if you build your own gun using an airsofting website that builds customs. They may cost a bit more but they pay for themselves in the field. And even if you use green gas guns, it can really burn holes in your pockets. At my local stores it cost $9 usd for 5 canisters. I don't recall their gram size but they are the small ones that fit inside of the pistols grip stock.

Actually, most high-end GBBs are full metal, and have real recoil. But yes, they use a bunch of gas, AKA money. But they look awesome doing it.

airsoft1017 (author)masonsbro2010-07-25

Well aeg can have the semi automatic and full/3-shot burst as well and gas autos are exspencive and use gas like crazy

yobwoc (author)airsoft10172011-01-10

Most GBB rifles have semi-auto. As for burst fire, they have it about as often as an AEG does, which isn't very often.

masonsbro (author)airsoft10172010-07-25

OK. Thanks for the clarification!

ilpug (author)2011-09-28

this guide is the only one on this site with any really useful information.

airsoft1017 (author)ilpug2011-11-16

Thanks much

darknessfalls (author)2010-07-18

also walkie talkies dont hurt

aweis (author)darknessfalls2011-07-04

unless they will get you discovered, or limit your ability to tell if someone is coming near you.

Sgt Niesen (author)2011-04-20

actualy there are

1. Riflemen
2. Snipers
3. Machine Gunner
4. Recon/ Scouts
5. Medics
6. Operation Leader
7. Grenadiers
8. Demilition/ Rocketeer
9. Radio Op
10. Special Trooper (Optianal) i.e. Mini Gunner, Flamethrower ect.

airsoftdominator999 (author)2010-05-12

GO TO EVIKE.COM!!!!!!!!!!!!! ITS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i bought a gas powered m16 and gas m1911 with 10,00 bbs and co2 they sent me spring m14 5,000 bbs and and a gas powered p30 with no co2

Don't forget A.S.G.I. Best reviews in the business and one of the best-designed websites on the net.

Amen. Evike is awesome. By far the best in prices and customer service and custom guns and variety and prices and discounts and prices. Point made?

dryndantheman (author)yobwoc2010-12-06

Evike is very good and have some hard to find stuff there. The only downside is if your not in America shipping is a bomb.

yah but i preorderd a gun from evike and 4 months later after the eta it still didnt come in i had to cancle.

yobwoc (author)joshfedo2010-10-28

Preorder usually is far past ETA on most sites anyhow. They can't control when shipments get in. Still, I feel your pain. I didn't preorder a gun, but a pretty sweet part. Took forever. Still is taking forever. :(

i know it rocks fogot to put it ittl be up soon!

lancealotx21 (author)2010-11-18

Loved it

masonsbro (author)2010-07-24

Great instructable!

yobwoc (author)2010-05-11

I totally agree. I bought an aeg from hobbytron for $80. It turned out to be plastic, inside and out. It accually performs pretty well, with an above average ROF for about 80% of the battery life, and about 300 fps. It could hold up for quite a long time as long as I don't do anything stupid to it. But I have seen some other unfortunate souls who paid 25% off and got 0% of what they paid for.

Pyromaniac88 (author)2014-09-11


Eli D S (author)Pyromaniac882017-05-31

Who cares sometimes they were typing fast and hit extra keys. Like the "ar einside" he hit the space before the e not after

AjKing (author)2014-07-16

I,m more of a marksman and CQB guy

Johnhall14 (author)2013-10-03

Just to inform you,a decent sniper setup will run around $400+ for just the gun. For a serious sniper expect $1000 for just the gun. For backyard wars...well a $100 gun will work, just don't take it to a pro game and expect to survive.(this post is from research and experience)

GDADZGSONS (author)2013-03-18

Try they have awesome prices!

maxreif (author)2010-05-26

it may have 500fps but the intervention m200 is way beter (with me shooting)

weaponkid (author)maxreif2012-06-01

the beta intervention is a whole lot cheaper and common ($600).
they made only 100 Socom Barrett's!!! and cost about $1000

SO4Jesus (author)2012-02-27

airsoft1017, good guide, but my team uses defenders, special ops, shock troopers, storm troopers, snipers, scouts, & engineers. This is a good guide, though. If you'd like to use stuff of my airsoft guide, i support it (My basic airsoft battlefieldguide).

SO4Jesus (author)2012-02-27

Would anyone know if theres a FN-FAL airsoft rifle?

DIYHOWTOables (author)2012-02-19

I love hobbytron airsplat is awful megastore is all right but the rest are good

zasxcd (author)2010-06-09


Matrix-technician (author)zasxcd2012-01-30

Ha ha, first thought in my head when i saw that picture was, Teh sasquatch gang!

guerrilafighter (author)2012-01-10

i have an mp5k actually 2 of them but theyve never been used in action, does anyone know if i should get a diffrent one or just use the one i got.

I have 2 mp5k's. One with a tactical setup with stock, silencer, and laser with scope, and the other is a cqcb with no stock or silencer shoulderstrap and red dot sight. They perform excellently in the field or in the urban zone combat. I recomend these for beginners or intermediates. Once you get really good I would consider buying a full custom gun from a reputable site like They are full metal casings and gears and you chose the guns setup.

nfk11 (author)2011-11-18

hobbytron is epic everyone cshould go to it and by a gun there

killer pyro (author)2011-06-21

its funny i have a m86 2 spare mags with folding stock and the L96a1 sniper rifle and as a secondary none yet because i dont know whats a better magnum spring or gas. can someone help with the last one?

thing 2 (author)killer pyro2011-09-29

I wouldn't get a magnum, but anyway that's me.
Spring would be cheaper but wouldn't go as far.
Gas may cost significantly more, plus you'll spend money for green gas, but it'll pay off a lot! You will need to take care of it more, including more maintenance and lubing it everything.

Personally if it was set in stone it had to be a magnum, I would get a gas magnum.

llamatard (author)2011-07-18

great instructable! i do have a great airsoft tip-if u hav a hot glue gun bottle rockets bbs and a bottle u can make a 6mm rpg by puting bbs around the bottle rocket using the hot glue...once dried point aim and fire

L_Dawg (author)2010-07-03

It's not recommended that you go into airsoft as a sniper.

airsoft1017 (author)L_Dawg2010-07-04

nether do i

aweis (author)airsoft10172011-07-04

and why would that be? maybe if you do not know the surroundings, but in close quarters you still should have sidearm. and with a gillie suit that is suited to the area it can be very good, and you can make shots at them before they can even get to you even if they notice you.

airsoft1017 (author)aweis2011-07-12

because sniper is an advanced position

killer pyro (author)2011-06-21

who knows were to get a good sniper rifle at a good price? (54$ - 145$)

aweis (author)killer pyro2011-07-04

well has a nice sniper rifle on sale now for 99.99, and they even ship to california. it is the well mb10 and it is very good for the price it comes with scope and bipod.

Ajent00757 (author)2011-04-29

i just started airsofting and have a night prowler urban ausalt camo ( AEG) 355 fps with a 200 fps p36 and i have a 325 fps pistol ( i forgot the name) what would these guns combined be best for

airsoft1017 (author)Ajent007572011-04-30

probably feild or cqb that is the best for those types of guns

Ajent00757 (author)2011-04-29

awesome instructable i am yet to make one as good

Ajent00757 (author)2011-04-29

I make my own full body armor lol im gonna make a halo one

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