Step 4: Sniper

Picture of Sniper
To be a sniper you must be patient, steathy and accurate. the word sniper means close precision engagment. you must have good aim. you must also have good contact with your other team members. the gear you need:
-Sniper rifle
-Camoflauge Clothing
-Side Arm
-Spare Mags

If you bought all of this gear all at once it would cost you $75-$950 Don't be afraid, your wallet will not burn, just try to find the cheapest prices.
also walkie talkies dont hurt
unless they will get you discovered, or limit your ability to tell if someone is coming near you.
Johnhall141 year ago
Just to inform you,a decent sniper setup will run around $400+ for just the gun. For a serious sniper expect $1000 for just the gun. For backyard wars...well a $100 gun will work, just don't take it to a pro game and expect to survive.(this post is from research and experience)
maxreif5 years ago
it may have 500fps but the intervention m200 is way beter (with me shooting)
the beta intervention is a whole lot cheaper and common ($600).
they made only 100 Socom Barrett's!!! and cost about $1000
L_Dawg5 years ago
It's not recommended that you go into airsoft as a sniper.
airsoft1017 (author)  L_Dawg5 years ago
nether do i
and why would that be? maybe if you do not know the surroundings, but in close quarters you still should have sidearm. and with a gillie suit that is suited to the area it can be very good, and you can make shots at them before they can even get to you even if they notice you.
airsoft1017 (author)  aweis4 years ago
because sniper is an advanced position
killer pyro4 years ago
who knows were to get a good sniper rifle at a good price? (54$ - 145$)
well airsplat.com has a nice sniper rifle on sale now for 99.99, and they even ship to california. it is the well mb10 and it is very good for the price it comes with scope and bipod.
Meh. Id buy a sniper and some awsm automatic pistol like my friend haz. How mutch will i spend?
airsoft1017 (author)  Jimpiedepimpie5 years ago
idk it really depends on what your looking for id say about $200
Crap. I only have like 50 euro's to spend
There are electric auto pistols out there, but they aren't worth crap if you can get them for under 50 dollars. With 50 euros, you wont get a worthwhile pistol and a decent sniper, just one or the other. Your sniper deserves more money than your pistol.
ant ant 335 years ago
Where in uk can i get a cheap spring sniper (250+ fps preferred)???
airsoft1017 (author)  ant ant 335 years ago
idk but your going to want a sniper with 400+ fps before it can be concidered a sniper
brickman935 years ago
the rifle i want is 115 with out a scope. then , throw in the other gun, H&k dual power mp5 for 80, bb"s mags and make a ghillie suit and im runnin $500!. i plan to split it all up though.