Step 8: Marksman

Picture of Marksman
To be a marksman you may want to scope your assult rifle like this...
otherwise you should mix the sniper and Feild classes
SO4Jesus3 years ago
airsoft1017, good guide, but my team uses defenders, special ops, shock troopers, storm troopers, snipers, scouts, & engineers. This is a good guide, though. If you'd like to use stuff of my airsoft guide, i support it (My basic airsoft battlefieldguide).
yobwoc4 years ago
Awesome looking paintball gun. And yes, it is definitely a paintball gun. Airsoft guns have a more realistic body. Find the differences yourself.
kschley yobwoc4 years ago
The dead give away to me was the gaping hole in the silencer lol
thats me!!!!!!!!