New to the Gameboy 'Chiptune' Scene?  Or maybe your still trying to get to the bottom of what this whole Chiptune thing is?  No matter your situation, by the end of this Instructable, I can promise you'll be a pro!

Relatively new to the 'LSDJ' scene myself, I was baffled when I tried to put together my first DMG- so many options, yet so little troubleshooting guides!  Seeing the need for more structured tutorials, i planned to put my own together- that is, after i could figure everything out!

Fast forward a few months, and here I am!  A bit more experienced in working with the Gameboy, and electronic skills increased, I started working on the group of tutorials within this Instructable to help others conquer the DMG, helping you make an awesome, custom instrument, all of your own!

Now, of course it would help to have a little background in electronics, but for those of you just starting out, have no fear!  I've made sure to document each step, taking plenty of pictures along the way!  I can almost guaranty you'll have no trouble!  (and, of course, if you ever have trouble, just comment!  I'll be sure to help!)

Now follow me, on a journey, as you and I turn our ordinary ol' Gameboys into something truly worth making music on! 

Oh! but before we get started: 
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Update (9/30): Having finally finished the two main builds featured, i thought i'd come back to add some pics- as well as go more in-depth about my new found friend- the Pocket!

Step 1: Types, Terminology...

For those of you new to Gameboys and/or Chiptunes, it may not be the worst idea to take a look though some of the strange new vocab you'll be seeing both in the Instructable, and out 'n' about in Chiptune forums!  (Clicking the link will open a new tab with an example!)

- Chiptune: As the name implies, a Chiptune is an analog or emulated tone created by some kind of 'chip'- or rather an IC.  In most cases though, these tones are brought together forming music!  Think Atari and NES, or in our case, Gameboy!

- Chrystal/Oscillator: A Fancy little part that essentially vibrates electrical signal that can be honed to a very accurate frequency.  Commonly used to keep time, you'll see later we can mod the Gameboy's to make it run quicker/slower!

- Clearboy: DMG's that once/still are clear.  Most are painted from the inside, creating an awesome effect!  (check out step five to se my Clearboy!)

- DMG: A common nick-name for your standard original Gameboy, the letters DMG come from the first part of the model number's printed on each Gameboy.

- Gameboy Advance/SP/Micro: Other types of Gameboys, not normally associated with Chiptunes, as they're new aged ways of audio processing sound no where near as good using LSDJ,as the old ones!

- Gameboy Color: A bit smaller, and with a colored screen, the Gameboy Color is still very mod-able!  Pay close attention though, as somethings, such as the backlight require completely different parts!

- Gameboy Pocket: A smaller, model of the original DMG, that contains a much more clear screen.  These guys are almost identical in circuitry to the original Gameboy, so many DMG mods will work on here too!

- LSDJ: Unlike the psychological drug, LSDJ, or Little Sound DJ, is an amazing little program that's most common in the Gameboy Chiptune world for making music!  Check Step 14 for more information!

- PS/2: An older connector for keyboards and mice, you can use a PS/2 keyboard to play sweet tunes on LSDJ like a piano!  Checkout Step 12 for more info!

-Tri-Wing Screwdriver: An uncommon screw type, that also just happen's to be Nintendo's favorite!  Be sure to pick on of these up before we begin!

*Confused on a term and it's not here?  Comment!  This list will be updated quite frequently!*

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