Step 11: Baskets

These are often useful to catch flying balls(No pun intended).
great elements!!
*F<em><u><strong>ii</strong></u></em>nishing Statement<br>
*balll alternators
<p>*ballll alternators</p>
<p>*snorts* &quot;flying balls&quot;</p>
do you know of any good path deviders?
the yellow rods in the background is the pathing which ends at the seperator. the blue rods in the front make sure it's range is limited so the next ball will change direction.
wow! I wonder if this things really have enough power to fire a ball away to a basket.
i have been trying to make a ball machine for(what seems like)decades now but i couldn't get any ideas for what to use as elements, with this i will become a ball machine zen master of the cheese(yummy cheese) nom nom nom<br />
i know im wierd adhd and all that(woo hoo)
Hey, me too! :)
Me Three!!!!! <br>
*Them Red Stairs (??? <strong>Them</strong> Red Stairs ???)<br>
I think it must be THE* red stairs <br> <br>btw great element
he might have wanted to make it sound old fashioned, since it is in the first knex ball machine in history
Here it is - a giant guide
how come there are around 50 different ball machine lifts, yet ther are only 20 different elements <br />
Nice ible! It helped me much on my biggest project I have so far been working. A ball machine through my whole room! <br> <br>
BBF ftw
hey is there any way of doing loops like that without tubing<br />
How? <br>
thanks for asking...i forgot to do so myself... :P
simple: if you want large loops then you can make a yellow slide connected with green rods and bend them slitly up till you have a full loop, or you can use these flexi-rods and them form a loop.
how does this work?????
can you post a vid for how this works i think that would explain it better<br />
R U guys kidding me? It's simple! <br>Go to youtube, and type in <br> <br>wipeout- knex ball machine <br> <br>This will be in a track, I don't know which.
K'nex doesn't sell huge panels any more! AHH!!! I have the B.A.B.T. basket though...
I...LOVE...THIS...ELEMENT!!! I made one that looked different but it sucked! I'm glad that now I can follow this Instructable!
When I made a maze the ball doesn't fall through the failures could it be that I am using the loopin lizard balls' ?
Lizard balls aren't any different to BBF balls, you probably built the maze wrong. Look closely at the maze and the one you have made, if they're exactly the same and still don't work ask again.
Some ball are bigger than others. I just found that out. <br>
the loopin lizard balls' are bigger than the bbf ones
Lizard balls are supposed to be smaller and one piece.
how do you have so many pieces <br>
nice dude i wannah build it bt i dont had enough pieces<br>
god bless you
how do u modify balls
You don't - it's a quote from one of the steps :)
i know no it just sounds wrong
TEEHEE!<br />
You got that from youtube user nigahiga! (Ryan Higa)<br />
how do you make a loop with rollercoaster pathing for KNEX balls
I think it is just the same as a normal one but just a bit tighter? I'm not sure, i haven't built a roller coaster from k'nex yet.
cool. it turned out brilliant. i had just about enough pieces
wow!! i'm not gonna build this, cuz its too difficult!! but... AWESOME!!

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