Picture of The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Papercrafts!
After quite the search for a Minecraft Papercraft instructable, I was a little shocked to see there were almost none- so i went on a quest to bring justice to the inkjet printing, paper folding, and pickaxe picking communities. With that said, onto the instructable!

I think at one point or another, we're all wanted to have a bit of Minecraft in our everyday lives, and with Papercrafts, now we can! Weather you want a creeper to sit peacefully on your desk, or a pig riding Steve above your computer, with this instructable, you'll learn how!

(oh, and if you not into minecraft, there's thousands of other Papercraft templates out there, if you can't find one, i'm sure you'll have no trouble following along in this tutorial,)
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Step 1: Finding Your 'Prints'

Picture of Finding Your 'Prints'
Before we can start 'crafting' our miniature blocks and mobs, we need to find a template for what we want to build, to help you out, i've compiled a multitude of templates, ready to print, for you to use. Just pick what you want to create from down below, and save it. When your set, check out step two. Oh, and in the parenthesis is the difficulty of the craft, for the most part these are easy, but some can be a bit more challenging!

Day Mobs

NOTE: If you are getting 403 errors try going here!

Your Skin! (Medium) [Just upload your skin's file, and print away!) *Link submitted by lilliu97*

Steve (Medium)

Steve's arm Holding a Pickaxe (Hard)

PIg (Medium)

Cow (Medium)

MooShrom (Medium)

Chicken (Hard)

Sheep (Easy-ish) 

Sheep (Part 2)

Squid (Easy-ish)

Wolf (Medium)
Villager (Medium) *Link submitted by Aikidoboy*

Pigman (Easy) *Asked for by wooohhhoooo9*

Night/ Neither/ Ender Mobs

NOTE: If you are getting 403 errors try going here!

Creeper (Easy-ish)

Silverfish (Medium)

Skeleton (Extreme!)

Spider (Medium)

Slime (Easy)

Zombie (Medium)

Zombie-Pigman (Medium)

Enderman (Medium)

Blaze (Medium)

Ghast (Hard-ish)

Magma Cube (Easy)

Ender Dragon (Not for the Faint of Heart) *link submitted by tbh-1138*

Blocks (there's A LOT of blocks, so i won't post them all, but here are the most popular,)

NOTE: If you are getting 403 errors try going here!

Bedrock (Easy)

Block Breaking Overlay (Easy)

Brick (Easy)

Breaking Brick (Easy)

Brick With Torches (Easy)

Brick with Ladder (Easy)

Grass (Easy)

Grass with Minecart Track-Strait (Easy)

Grass with Minecart Track-Turn (Easy)

Snow Covered Grass (Easy)

Chest (Medium)

Coal Ore (Easy)

Iron Ore (Easy)

Lapis Lazuli Ore (Easy)

RedStone Ore (Easy)

Gold Ore (Easy)

Diamond Ore (Easy)

Lapis Lazuli Block (Easy)

Gold Block (Easy)

Diamond Block (Easy)

Clay (Easy)

Cobblestone (Easy)

Cobblestone with Minecart Track (Easy)

Cobblestone with Ladder (Easy)

Crafting Table (Easy)

Dirt (Easy)

Dirt with Minecart Tracks (Easy)

Farmland Dry (Easy)

Farmland Wet (Easy)

Furnace (Easy)

Log/Tree (Easy)

Sand (Easy)

Stone (Easy)

Breaking Stone (Easy)

TNT (Easy)

Tree Leaves (Easy)

Wood/Planks (Easy)

Cake (Easy)

Glow Stone (Easy)

Piston (Hard) [It Moves!]

Mushrooms/Flowers (Easy)

Door (EXPERT!)

Bed (Very Easy!)

Wools (All Easy)

 - Black

 - White

 - Blue

 - Cyan

 - Light Blue

 - Dark Grey

 - Light Grey

 - Light Green

 - Dark Green

 - Brown

 - Magenta 

 - Purple

 - Pink

 - Orange 

 - Yellow

 - Red

(P.S. Thanks to, as they host 99% of these images!)
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jhickman71 month ago

Hello. I need a reply as soon as possible. I don't know what kind of "thick" paper you're talking about? I want to know what kind of paper is thick enough and can fit in a printer? I would like to buy it, and I don't really have a lot of paper in the printer at the time, so I would like to get that paper and my printer paper.

NatM1 jhickman716 days ago

Probably cardstock

It still works?

Blakey Gamez made it!2 months ago

THANK YOU!!!! This was Very helpful and thank you once again for the guide to a Epic PaperCraft Creation! The Layout below is my head on the 10th Doctor's body from DoctorWho! #Allonsy #GeeksRule #Whovian4Life

okstout43 months ago

My son and I test printed the Creeper and the pixels are a bit blurry. We printed this out full page (no border). Before we were doing border and it was too big and still pixeled and looked blurry. Is there a way to fix this? Maybe change to 300dpi (Ive been told an image this small wont make a print difference in 72dpi to 300dpi). Are we doing something wrong? Your images look clear and some others Ive seen look clear. Thank you!

BenBurge (author)  okstout43 months ago
I think whatever software you're using to print the image is simply stretching it to full page! actual size is near a quarter of that.

I'd find a way to print the file unchanged- MS Paint will work for that! Otherwise, see if there's an option to print a 4"x6" maybe, that should look much more clear!
frownieman3 months ago

I amaze myself sometimes :D

alrujo3 months ago
14, 6:48 PM.jpg
alrujo3 months ago
This is awsome I made the first pig head
EmeraldOre5 months ago

Thank you for posting this! It's very helpful. A lot of these are really hard to find anywhere else on the internet so it's quite convenient.

swayam205 months ago
can u explain how to make the piston (working)
BenBurge (author)  swayam205 months ago

The piston's easy!

Just build it in two parts. The main block, should have a hole from the top- once you finish the part with the shaft, you fold the tabs the hang off if it up, and slide it into that hole!

The little tabs that are on the end of the shaft help keep it from overextending, and falling out.

You can do it!

FluroFire7 months ago
(removed by author or community request)

I "scerwed" up this one ^^^

FluroFire7 months ago

I have almost finished the EnderDragon.. Its wasn't too hard for me but maybe for others.. -_- I just got that annoying tail to do..

Uploading images take too long.. anyone know a faster way to show them? (Otherwise no images shown)

dlindstrom7 months ago
Try printing on thicker craft papers for a sturdier papercraft. I found mine at Micheal's in the scrapbooking isle.
BenBurge (author)  dlindstrom7 months ago
Very true! Thicker papers also make some glues easier to work with!
FluroFire7 months ago
^_^ I am going to attempt the Ender Dragon.. I will let you guys know how it turns out... If i don't go insane. XD

Ima print 2 copies of all 4 sheets in case i bum it up :3..

Wish me luck.!
I will also post pictures... I don't think i will take them as i go.. maybe, if your all luck ;D
BenBurge (author)  FluroFire7 months ago
:D Hope all is going well! Ender dragons can be quite the challenge- i'm sure you'll get it though!

Keep us updated! :p
lsomcio8 months ago
How will you stick the parts of the piston that is moving?
BenBurge (author)  lsomcio8 months ago
The moving piece gets folded in such away that it's free moving inside the base- as long as you don't pull to hard! At least i believe so, i haven't made on in a while!
Ronu1300010 months ago
Can you make a instructions for Gimp?
DarkPaw512 months ago
Having a lot of trouble with the creeper and my cake came out wrong twice...please help me
BenBurge (author)  DarkPaw511 months ago
Oh gosh! Sorry i didn't reply sooner- what happened?!
this is awesome! :)
BenBurge (author)  xXxMiNeCrAfTeRxXx11 months ago
ArBatu11 months ago
i like it! but the zombie pig man has a bad resolution.....
BenBurge (author)  ArBatu11 months ago
To be fair, they are made of pixels :p
andrec1811 months ago
What is i do not have any glue? will sticky tape work?
BenBurge (author)  andrec1811 months ago
Of course! In fact, i'd say it's a great alternative!
Nadflick1 year ago
This is so cool! Sorry don't mind that comment my iPod messed up.
Nadflick1 year ago
arojano1 year ago
I cant find sheep part two why??????????
cmurph1 year ago
Cool! I love it!
Bungoy6011 year ago
I just favorited it! Congratulations!
FFDPfanJL1 year ago
ok. this is going to be hardcore, but i am gonna try to build 64 of each block and 2 of each mob (except steve) and make a mini minecraft world.
BenBurge (author)  FFDPfanJL1 year ago
That sounds awesome! Any luck with it!?
not yet. im tryin though!
The only things missing are Steves hand with a sword, bow and arrow, ax, and shovel and a bow and arrow for the skeleton not to mention the mine cart. :-)
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