The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Papercrafts!

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Picture of The Ultimate Guide to Minecraft Papercrafts!
After quite the search for a Minecraft Papercraft instructable, I was a little shocked to see there were almost none- so i went on a quest to bring justice to the inkjet printing, paper folding, and pickaxe picking communities. With that said, onto the instructable!

I think at one point or another, we're all wanted to have a bit of Minecraft in our everyday lives, and with Papercrafts, now we can! Weather you want a creeper to sit peacefully on your desk, or a pig riding Steve above your computer, with this instructable, you'll learn how!

(oh, and if you not into minecraft, there's thousands of other Papercraft templates out there, if you can't find one, i'm sure you'll have no trouble following along in this tutorial,)
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Step 1: Finding Your 'Prints'

Picture of Finding Your 'Prints'
Before we can start 'crafting' our miniature blocks and mobs, we need to find a template for what we want to build, to help you out, i've compiled a multitude of templates, ready to print, for you to use. Just pick what you want to create from down below, and save it. When your set, check out step two. Oh, and in the parenthesis is the difficulty of the craft, for the most part these are easy, but some can be a bit more challenging!

Day Mobs

NOTE: If you are getting 403 errors try going here!

Your Skin! (Medium) [Just upload your skin's file, and print away!) *Link submitted by lilliu97*

Steve (Medium)

Steve's arm Holding a Pickaxe (Hard)

PIg (Medium)

Cow (Medium)

MooShrom (Medium)

Chicken (Hard)

Sheep (Easy-ish) 

Sheep (Part 2)

Squid (Easy-ish)

Wolf (Medium)
Villager (Medium) *Link submitted by Aikidoboy*

Pigman (Easy) *Asked for by wooohhhoooo9*

Night/ Neither/ Ender Mobs

NOTE: If you are getting 403 errors try going here!

Creeper (Easy-ish)

Silverfish (Medium)

Skeleton (Extreme!)

Spider (Medium)

Slime (Easy)

Zombie (Medium)

Zombie-Pigman (Medium)

Enderman (Medium)

Blaze (Medium)

Ghast (Hard-ish)

Magma Cube (Easy)

Ender Dragon (Not for the Faint of Heart) *link submitted by tbh-1138*

Blocks (there's A LOT of blocks, so i won't post them all, but here are the most popular,)

NOTE: If you are getting 403 errors try going here!

Bedrock (Easy)

Block Breaking Overlay (Easy)

Brick (Easy)

Breaking Brick (Easy)

Brick With Torches (Easy)

Brick with Ladder (Easy)

Grass (Easy)

Grass with Minecart Track-Strait (Easy)

Grass with Minecart Track-Turn (Easy)

Snow Covered Grass (Easy)

Chest (Medium)

Coal Ore (Easy)

Iron Ore (Easy)

Lapis Lazuli Ore (Easy)

RedStone Ore (Easy)

Gold Ore (Easy)

Diamond Ore (Easy)

Lapis Lazuli Block (Easy)

Gold Block (Easy)

Diamond Block (Easy)

Clay (Easy)

Cobblestone (Easy)

Cobblestone with Minecart Track (Easy)

Cobblestone with Ladder (Easy)

Crafting Table (Easy)

Dirt (Easy)

Dirt with Minecart Tracks (Easy)

Farmland Dry (Easy)

Farmland Wet (Easy)

Furnace (Easy)

Log/Tree (Easy)

Sand (Easy)

Stone (Easy)

Breaking Stone (Easy)

TNT (Easy)

Tree Leaves (Easy)

Wood/Planks (Easy)

Cake (Easy)

Glow Stone (Easy)

Piston (Hard) [It Moves!]

Mushrooms/Flowers (Easy)

Door (EXPERT!)

Bed (Very Easy!)

Wools (All Easy)

 - Black

 - White

 - Blue

 - Cyan

 - Light Blue

 - Dark Grey

 - Light Grey

 - Light Green

 - Dark Green

 - Brown

 - Magenta 

 - Purple

 - Pink

 - Orange 

 - Yellow

 - Red

(P.S. Thanks to, as they host 99% of these images!)
EmeraldOre27 days ago

Thank you for posting this! It's very helpful. A lot of these are really hard to find anywhere else on the internet so it's quite convenient.

swayam201 month ago
can u explain how to make the piston (working)
BenBurge (author)  swayam201 month ago

The piston's easy!

Just build it in two parts. The main block, should have a hole from the top- once you finish the part with the shaft, you fold the tabs the hang off if it up, and slide it into that hole!

The little tabs that are on the end of the shaft help keep it from overextending, and falling out.

You can do it!

FluroFire3 months ago
(removed by author or community request)

I "scerwed" up this one ^^^

FluroFire3 months ago

I have almost finished the EnderDragon.. Its wasn't too hard for me but maybe for others.. -_- I just got that annoying tail to do..

Uploading images take too long.. anyone know a faster way to show them? (Otherwise no images shown)

dlindstrom3 months ago
Try printing on thicker craft papers for a sturdier papercraft. I found mine at Micheal's in the scrapbooking isle.
BenBurge (author)  dlindstrom3 months ago
Very true! Thicker papers also make some glues easier to work with!
FluroFire3 months ago
^_^ I am going to attempt the Ender Dragon.. I will let you guys know how it turns out... If i don't go insane. XD

Ima print 2 copies of all 4 sheets in case i bum it up :3..

Wish me luck.!
I will also post pictures... I don't think i will take them as i go.. maybe, if your all luck ;D
BenBurge (author)  FluroFire3 months ago
:D Hope all is going well! Ender dragons can be quite the challenge- i'm sure you'll get it though!

Keep us updated! :p
lsomcio4 months ago
How will you stick the parts of the piston that is moving?
BenBurge (author)  lsomcio3 months ago
The moving piece gets folded in such away that it's free moving inside the base- as long as you don't pull to hard! At least i believe so, i haven't made on in a while!
Ronu130006 months ago
Can you make a instructions for Gimp?
DarkPaw57 months ago
Having a lot of trouble with the creeper and my cake came out wrong twice...please help me
BenBurge (author)  DarkPaw56 months ago
Oh gosh! Sorry i didn't reply sooner- what happened?!
this is awesome! :)
BenBurge (author)  xXxMiNeCrAfTeRxXx6 months ago
ArBatu6 months ago
i like it! but the zombie pig man has a bad resolution.....
BenBurge (author)  ArBatu6 months ago
To be fair, they are made of pixels :p
andrec186 months ago
What is i do not have any glue? will sticky tape work?
BenBurge (author)  andrec186 months ago
Of course! In fact, i'd say it's a great alternative!
Nadflick7 months ago
This is so cool! Sorry don't mind that comment my iPod messed up.
Nadflick7 months ago
arojano9 months ago
I cant find sheep part two why??????????
cmurph9 months ago
Cool! I love it!
Bungoy60110 months ago
I just favorited it! Congratulations!
FFDPfanJL1 year ago
ok. this is going to be hardcore, but i am gonna try to build 64 of each block and 2 of each mob (except steve) and make a mini minecraft world.
BenBurge (author)  FFDPfanJL10 months ago
That sounds awesome! Any luck with it!?
FFDPfanJL BenBurge10 months ago
not yet. im tryin though!
The only things missing are Steves hand with a sword, bow and arrow, ax, and shovel and a bow and arrow for the skeleton not to mention the mine cart. :-)
BenBurge (author)  the NeXT designer10 months ago
Check out- - they have a huge selection of items!
jduffy541 year ago
I would add a light, so when you trigger it in some way (punching it?) it lights up, like I did before with a mario coin block.
BenBurge (author)  jduffy5410 months ago
Sweet! Post some pics if you get something working- i'd love to see it!
mdawg814001 year ago
Please help! I am having trouble with the "Your skin!" construction! How do you attach the arms and legs to the body?!? Please reply! ~The Mdawg
BenBurge (author)  mdawg8140010 months ago
Sorry this comes a bit late, but simply attach the legs and arms as they would be the character in game! Arms on the side, and legs on the bottom of the torso!
I can help you there. You see the tabs on the edges of the arms? Well, attatch them under the top body flap.
oh btw can you add accessories like pickaxes the actual steve figure can hold? i think thats a really cool idea
BenBurge (author)  MACHOMINECRAFT10 months ago
The pickaxe is up there, but because of image hosting sites constantly changing i don't think i'll be updating the hyperlink-list much more...
Check out- -they have a whole section just for items!
do you need a certain photoshop? i have 2 and im not sure if you need a certain one.
BenBurge (author)  MACHOMINECRAFT10 months ago
Nope! You can use almost any program to open these- but the easiest are: Paint, Window's Live Gallery, or Preview if you're on mac!
ninjago1234511 months ago
have a hero brine
Flash021 year ago
This helps thx
bjoey1 year ago
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Beltoriona1 year ago
This has officially ruined my social life :3 I cannot stop making them :P Awesome!
mmarston1 year ago
This is great but where is the obsidian?
A request i can ask for is the scrapped whale from minecraft in papercraft form
o hey btw the enderdragon took me 8 hours...
I <3 this, U r awesome man!!
btrog1 year ago
I cant make the stupid slime!!!
Krayzi991 year ago
In the knee?
tutdude981 year ago
I will make couple of tnts and out some fp in it so it wil bang :D
Love Minecraft Best Game That I Found EPIC!!! more thing you should add is the pigman....i know theres none in minecraft beta but its still a mob.You can find it easily on the Net. Good luck finding :D
BenBurge (author)  wooohhhoooo91 year ago
Just added- Sorry it's taken so long, i've been away, and totally forgot to check my email :/

Good call on the pigman too, i would have never thought of it..
BTW, since the update theres some new mobs popping up like ocelots , snow golems , and iron golems.
bonastella1 year ago
Are these paper craft templates the right size?
Rebreg1 year ago
If you add small magnets to the inside you can rearrange them
Geeknxt1 year ago
Could you add an iron golem?

Thanks in advance.
I love all these but a torch and fence skin would finish my perfect model (I have Steve, a crafting table, a bed, a chest, some pigs, and a cute little mine!)
Hmm, I see a picture of grass blocks, yet they look like origami, and not made from a shape net. If it is your picture, how would I make this box, and where would a net for it be. If it is not, then where is the pic from.
BenBurge (author)  HerpDerp(pokefan880)1 year ago
Ah, you've cough me.. That picture isn't mine, but i liked it enough to through it in there.. Anyway though, To make a block like that you'd just use the same method you'd use to make a cube, but with minecraft patterned paper, if you check out here it'll explain how to make one similar!

Sorry, i guess in retrospect i shouldn't have used the pic..

Either way, Happy Crafting!
Thanks, I did indeed cough you! (I know you meant caught.) Funnily enough, I opened that same cube page up earlier today! I know, (since I used to be a mega origami geek) that the blocks in the pic are printed paper of an origami pandora box. I'll just make them out of dirt blocks and like. If you want, I can give you the patterned image once I make it! Thanks for the speedy reply anyways.
I just made a cube out of plain paper (6 Pieces, think of the trees!) , and I thought of something. Why not just attach the papercraft TO MY CUBE!!! EPIC WIN FOR THE HERPDERP.
BenBurge (author)  HerpDerp(pokefan880)1 year ago
Oh, that's awesome! i'd love to see a pic if you could post one!
i need a "basalt" block, can you help me find it?

p.s. basalt is refined from basalt cobblestone in the furnace. i think, haven't actually tried it yet. : P
You mean smooth stone?
BenBurge (author)  builderkidj1 year ago
Is that from a mod? i've never heard of it, but i know hasa whole section for mods, maybe check there?

You mean smooth stone?
If you want to add an approximately 8 inch tall torch to the list, lemme know and I can send you a design I made for it.
BenBurge (author)  Pillar_of_Autumn1 year ago
sure, that sounds awesome! feel free to post a link, i can add it up!
Theoryism1 year ago
I LOVE this. Im making Steve a Wolf and a DIAMOND BLOCK today c: You rock bro.
BenBurge (author)  Theoryism1 year ago
Thanks soo much! really glad everyone likes it,

i'm working on another instructable now, not of the same type, but i hope i can get similar reactions!

Thanks again!
BenBurge (author) 1 year ago
Sorry for taking so long to reply guys, for some reason i had problems logging in, but it seems they've been fixed- so i'm back!

Thanks, and sorry for the delay!
Wow, impressive coverage of the game textures! are all these designs yours or's?
BenBurge (author) 2 years ago
Hey Minecrafters!

Okay, so I spent most of today trying to find a way to get around the 403- but with no luck i decided it'd be easier just to link to the actual page, so most of the block links now link to the picture on ""!

I'll work on getting the rest up and working tomarrow..

Thanks for your patience, and for the votes!
vcolborn2 years ago
Excuse me, I wanted to make myself some Minecraft Goodies and found your website!

I made a few Grass Blocks for starters. I wanted to make a Crafting table and the link to it showed nothing. So, I though "Eh, maybe there is something else good?" I looked at the chest, link for that brings up nothing also. Lastly, I wanted to get a Zombie and he is gone as well. Could you try looking into fixing these links for me?
Also, the Wooden Planks block doesn't even take me to the correct link. These are all important pieces of a Minecraft Display. Could you fix these?
BenBurge (author)  vcolborn2 years ago
:O My god!

I guess the website that was hosting these must have stopped doing so- i had no idea!

I'll get to finding new ones right away! Thanks for pointing this out, i most likely never would have noticed...

Hopefully i'll have some new links up by tomorrow!
it wont open the sheep! it keeps saying "error 407". Advice????
BenBurge (author)  thetalkingcamel2 years ago
It looks like the URL that was hosting it is having problems, it's alright though, i fixed part 1, but for some reason i can't find a sheep part 2 :/ I'll keep looking though, thanks for bring it to my attention!
want to follow each other?
BenBurge (author)  iproberry12 years ago
Sure! Your Instructables are pretty great by the way! I love the meta one teaching you to create guide!
I am now following you too!
BenBurge (author)  iproberry12 years ago
ya know, thats really helpful. other sites dont respond like this. I think I speak for all of the "Instructies" when I say, we really respect you and your site!
i like camels. do u like camels?
BenBurge (author)  thetalkingcamel2 years ago
They've compiled quite the community on this site- it's truly an honor to be part of! You're right, they've really made an awesome place to share projects like no other!

Go Instructable!
this is so awesome. 5/5 stars. i voted for this
BenBurge (author)  silverassassin32 years ago
Thanks so much! It really means a lot!
axeman9112 years ago
this is awesome!!!!!!!!!
BenBurge (author)  axeman9112 years ago
THIS IS SOOOOOO COOOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BenBurge (author)  minecraftplayer1232 years ago
Thanks so much! Really glad you like it!
jtc105122 years ago
Why do you have to give scaling instructions only on programs you have to pay for? i have neither of these and i have no idea how to get my scaling right.
BenBurge (author)  jtc105122 years ago
I just added instructions for how to do it on Paint, sorry for the delay, i've been so busy i hadn't a chance to work on it.. They're there now though!
Oh, i'm sorry! i used these programs simply because i thought they were common enough for everyone to have; most new computers have some sort of Microsoft Word, but it does apear i overlooked quite a large group of people without these programs...

I'll tell you what, i'll post instructions on how to scale in MS Paint as soon as i can, but it might not be up for a day or two.. I have a robotics convention i have to attend tomorrow, and am on a train to New York as i type, but it'll be the by Monday!

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, i'm sure the added instruction will help not only you, but tons of other fellow miencraft-lovers!

Let me know what you think after i publish it,
thanks again!

P.S. Oh, and also if you could vote for me in the "Make it Real Chalenge" that'd be amazing!
BenBurge (author)  ecco36972 years ago
Sorry! that comment was me, i'm not sure why it posted from another account :/
qmounts2 years ago
Please make a bed. I love these things! Great 'Ible!! Keep up the good work.
BenBurge (author)  qmounts2 years ago
just added it! thanks for the suggestion!
tbh-11382 years ago
Add the enderdragon:
Then move the enderman and the enderdragon to an "End Mobs" section.
BenBurge (author)  tbh-11382 years ago
I just added it! Thanks so much for the link- i had no idea this was even a possibility!
That would be awsome!
Love these
vektor2 years ago
Sweet instructable! You got my vote.
BenBurge (author)  vektor2 years ago
Awesome! thanks!
Aikidoboy2 years ago
I found the villager template!
BenBurge (author)  Aikidoboy2 years ago
Sweet! mind if i add it up there?
Go ahead!
Agentfern2 years ago
I want to knit a minecraft sheep but i don't know what size they are. I want to make sure that the sheep looks right by using stitches for pixels. Can you help?
Nevermind, looking at the paterns gave me an awesome idea - im gonna knit your print-out template and then put it together :D
BenBurge (author)  Agentfern2 years ago
That sounds awesome! Good luck on it, if it works out- post a pic! i'd love to see it!
aarrnnoo2 years ago
you have got another vote :) it is really well explained, good written, and you have all the mobs and blocks!!! I didn't even know you could craft skeletons :) I also like the easy-extreme thing, it really helps to pick one, overall, just perfect, You deserve to win :) and just now I see that you are a bronie :) just awesome!
BenBurge (author)  aarrnnoo2 years ago
Oh my god- you guys are the best!

I'm glad you liked the intractable, and thanks for your kind words!

Thanks again,

(p.s. i made my pic with a 'make your own bronie flash-game found on diviart, here's the link if you want it, it's pretty neat )
I went straight to the link when I saw it.

Also, great 'ible!
BenBurge (author)  tqwerty2 years ago
Lol, glad you liked it, i've got to say, it's probably one of the best flash apps ever!
that app actually made me laugh :)
monkeynuts2 years ago
thanx alot it is awesome but it is hard not to print to much because it kind of wastes ink!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BenBurge (author)  monkeynuts2 years ago
Well, sure it uses ink, but isn't it worth it to get your Awesome Minecraft Papercraft!?
lewster2 years ago
This is Incredible!
I'm thinking of using a glowstone, and putting it on a stronger medium (maybe lexan?) and putting some high power leds in, and adding a usb jack and maybe a flash drive, so it would be a glowing glowstone USB!!!
BenBurge (author)  lewster2 years ago
That's amazing! If you end up making it, please post pics- i'd love to see it!

Good luck!
Thanks! U just got another vote :)
Will post pics when done!
PS can u post a pic of the glowstone net, coz i dont have an image editor on my pc....
Thanks again
BenBurge (author)  lewster2 years ago
oh! sorry, i didn't realize i didn't have one- i added the link to the intractable, and here's it just incease -

Thanks for the vote!
the poodleo2 years ago
use an exacto knife, and score the fold lines lightly. you might want to use a metal ruler to make sure thy are straight, this way, your folds will be more accurate.
BenBurge (author)  the poodleo2 years ago
Smart! either that, or using a bone crimper, would definitely help!

good call,
darthbindy2 years ago
oh! im gona make another creeper and put a firecracker in it, and then il light it, and go up my freind and put it next to him, and go "hisss" then back away and watch him jump when creeper blows up! maybe i cut out little gun powders to put inside? =D
BenBurge (author)  darthbindy2 years ago
Thanks a lot! So glad i could help! Thanks for voting too, awesome to see people who like the instructable!

As for your creeper idea, i'd ssssssay, go for it, just maybe not next to your friend, lol..

Thanks again!
thatsssss a really nice idea, sssshame if ssssomething hapened to it
gizmo7902 years ago
Omg I swear your the best thanks somuch you got a vote
BenBurge (author)  gizmo7902 years ago
Awesome! thanks for the vote!

Glad you enjoyed the instructable!
Cmonster122 years ago
the creeper is hard because the parts are so small
Cmonster122 years ago
these are so cool this is my favorite insructable i have seen on this website thx for the prints!
BenBurge (author)  Cmonster122 years ago
Thanks so much! i'll try to add more as i find them!
Oh, and if you could vote for me in the "Make it REAL Chalenge" That'd be the best!

i already have!
darthbindy2 years ago
thank you so much!!!! i made alot of these, there awsome, soon a creeper will guard my laptop! i voted you for contest, or watever the thing at top right is!
mrmerino2 years ago
I wonder if you could make like 1.5" or 2" cubes of wood, and glue the paper to that... then it would be more sturdy.
BenBurge (author)  mrmerino2 years ago
That's a really good idea actually, i'll give it a try, see how it works out!
lilliu972 years ago
BenBurge (author)  lilliu972 years ago
That's awesome! thanks!
lilliu972 years ago
Hi I wanted to share something with you as you seem to like this so this links to a site where you can make your minecraft avatar as papercraft hope you like
BenBurge (author)  lilliu972 years ago
That seems awesome! although, i don't seem to see the link, any chance you could repost it? and if so, would you mind if i put it in the instructable? i'll credit you for the find,

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