Step 4: Folding!

Picture of Folding!
Screen shot 2012-02-03 at 7.23.46 PM.JPG
After you've cut out your Papercraft, your going to do a few folds before we start to glue. 

If you hadn't noticed already, Papercrafts are the 'net' of the shape they will soon be. To get them to their shape we need to fold down every side, for example, above, in the picture every line highlighted in red should be folded in. If you folded it right, you should be able to hold the box together, like i am in the second picture,

After you fold a few folds, it'll be a lot easier to see how the rest fit in, and soon you'll end up with a box ready to glue!
axeman9113 years ago
this is awesome!!!!!!!!!
the poodleo3 years ago
use an exacto knife, and score the fold lines lightly. you might want to use a metal ruler to make sure thy are straight, this way, your folds will be more accurate.