Picture of The Ultimate Nerf Vulcan Mod
We made a NERF chaingun fire about as fast as a 7.62mm M60 Machine gun. That's around 500 rounds per minute (RPM). We did two major modifications, increasing the voltage to the firing motor, and adding a round counter and a paint job.

The total cost on this hack was about $79

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Step 1: What You Need

Picture of What You Need
For this modification, you need the following:

Upping Voltage:
  • 1 x Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 ($50)
  • 2 x 9.6v battery packs
  • 2 x 9.6v battery pack connectors (RadioShack)
  • 2 x Alligator clips
  • 3 x Wire nuts
  • 1 x Ballpoint pen
  • 1 x Chopstick
  • 1 x Mana Energy Potion
  • 1 x A hint of stupidity

Painting/LED Mod:
  • 1 x LED counter from QKit ($18)
  • 1 x Lever/Roller microswitch
  • 1 x LED
  • 3 x Momentary pushbutton switches
  • 1 x 12v miniature battery
  • 1 x Coil of wire
  • 1 x Various paints

Step 2: Cranking It Up

Picture of Cranking It Up
The first modification was to increase the voltage to the motor. More voltage with available amperage means a faster spinning motor. Faster motor means more rounds down range, or into a co-workers face, as the case may be.
The Nerf Vulcan EBF-25 starts with a requirement for 6 D-Cell batteries. That's an expensive number of big cells. When wired, they yield about 9v.
To connect the battery packs to the gun, we actually had to make a little tool. The power terminals are too deep inside the gun to clip on the alligator clips, so I took apart a ball point pen, slit up the side, put a compressed alligator clip in it with the lead hanging out the slit. I put the alligator clip on the battery terminal and then pushed a tie-wrap (or chopstick) through the back of the pen, slipping the alligator clip out and hooking it on to the power terminals. it worked like a charm.

Step 3: Wiring the Beast

Picture of Wiring the Beast
Hook the battery packs together like in the photo. *WARNING: If you hook this up wrong, you could dead short the battery packs together which could make them explode or do other scary/injurious things.* Hook the negative power terminal from the gun to the black lead on pack A, hook the red lead from pack A to the black lead on pack B, and then hook the red lead from pack B to the positive power terminal on the Nerf gun. Voila. It's done. Now separate the alligator clips with a piece of cardboard to keep them from shorting. Stuff everything back into the gun and close the door. Now you have a 500 round per minute cube warfare weapon of mass destruction.

Step 4: Adding the LED Round Counter

Picture of Adding the LED Round Counter
It took me about a half hour to solder together the counter from QKit. A big part of that time was trying to figure out which resistors were which, so make sure you have a guide before you start. Instead of using the microswitches from QKit, I soldered leads from their locations on the circuit board to pushbutton switches mounted on the gun. The three switches are Set, Program, and Reset. The LED comes on when you run out of ammo, which was accomplished by just hooking it to the "out" pin on the counter.

Step 5: Add the Counter House

Picture of Add the Counter House
We took the top of the ammo box off and used it to house the counter. Dremel out the spot for the LED counter out. We dremeled part of the chain-gripping assembly to mount the roller switch. This way the links would hit the switch each time the belt advanced. The leads from that switch go to the counter through holes Dremeled in the top of the chain guide.

Step 6: Paint the Gun

Picture of Paint the Gun
This was accomplished with a base matte black primer coat, and then metallic silver paints mixed with various levels of black to give variety to the metal pieces. Put metallic silver on black parts that would show wear, like behind the charging bolt or near buttons. This was our variation, but the sky is the limit with design possibilities.

Step 7: Attach Round Counter to Finished Gun

Picture of Attach Round Counter to Finished Gun
Take the round counter and insert it into the dremeled out top piece. This can be accomplished with velcro, or another adhesive. There is enough room to tuck all wiring underneath the casing. Attach the top piece to the body of the gun, and you should be all set.

Step 8: Fire Away!

Picture of Fire Away!
Now that everything is set, switch the gun to automatic and have a blast! Literally.
You can check out the video of our gun in action here:

We are also giving away a 12-pack of mana to the first person to send us a video of getting this gun past the elusive 600RPM mark. Details are in the video. ****UPDATE***** Someone already won the contest. Thank you everyone for trying!


1) We're not affiliated with Nerf, Radio Shack, QKits, Dremel, or anything else you saw us use to build this. Mana Energy Potion is the exception, because that's who we are.

2) There's a very real danger to doing this mod. Dead-shorting battery packs like these can cause them to explode and injure you. Nerf even has a "Do not modify this dart blaster" warning on the gun itself. That's where we used the Dremel to cut out the panel for the LED counter.

3) You will probably ruin your Nerf dart blaster. We could smell the motor burning when we fired it with 4x the voltage. Eventually, the motor coil will probably melt. Also, the gears will probably strip out.

4) Don't paint over your orange tip. That's illegal as far as we know. Fortunately, the orange tip is separate, so you can paint your gun and then attach the orange tip.
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Juncoph5 months ago

I'd just like to say this to the people who are noting that it overheats and risks burning out the motor/melting the plastic-- The real Vulcan, the M249 SAW, also has overheating issues. You have to fire in bursts with it, rather than just spraying. Heck, barrel wear is such a large factor in combat that HMGs (heavy machineguns) like the M2 .50 cal tend to bring spare barrels just so the gunner doesn't have to wait for it to cool!

ConnorH15 months ago

As cool as it is, that will shorten the lifespan of the motor, and if fired for to long it might get really hot and melt the plastic.

johnstat0008 months ago

Wow! Sooner or later someone will make a gasoline powered nerf gun and the world will end... =)

npimpfellow2 years ago
Is there a way to complete this mod by vamping down the voltage (slightly) so as to get a rapid fire rate without risking burning out the motor? Any forum on this?
zeke346 years ago
Ever thought of hooking it up to a power outlet? It'd only last for a few seconds but I'm sure you could get more that 500RPM out of it.
ManaEnergyPotion (author)  zeke346 years ago
Power outlets are AC, batteries are DC. Unfortunately, if we hooked it to a power outlet it would fry before it even got a shot off :-) Fun idea though. It would at least by arc-tastic
If you wired a rectifier (or is it inverter) before the gun it would convert the A/C current into D/C. Though the 120V might be just a little too much for the gun to handle.
build a step down transformer? 1000 wire wraps on one side, 200 on the other. goes from 120V to 24V then add a rectifier. Should last more than 30 seconds if used in moderation. :P

The best I could think of is to get a bunch if resistors and make a wish.
you would need, a variac and a full bridge rectifier,. put the rectifier on the output, and then crank it right up!!
you rock!
how do you mod the newer vulcan?
Why don't you rip a motor from a vacuum and stick it on the gun?
nah it would only spark once maybe twice thats about it but from what I learned once you let the smoke out it stops working I hate it when that happens there is a way if you would really want to take the time to convert ac to dc but that requires a bunch more circuit crap and I dunno where to find the diagrams for that but if someone does do it definitely tell me about it I gotta see that
Use one of those brick-transformer-adapters to convert from AC to DC, and put a space around the motor to hold some dry ice, or at least a fan and a heat sink!
i used 2 18v batteries in series (36v) it fried the resistor inside so i opened it up ,removed the resistor, and made a solder bridge the motor lasted about 30 seconds before the brushes melted. It shot so fast that the bullet could not get a quarter of the way down the barrel before the next bullet fired so the gun just jammed
Set2712 years ago
Wow, looks like fun all around. Even Sheldon couldn't say you're having fun wrong! Stay young and live forever guys...and gals of course.
SinAmos2 years ago
SHADOW advertising. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I actually thought this was real.
SinAmos2 years ago
SHADOW advertising. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I actually thought this was real.
very cool dude is there any way for it to hold more bullets
Rebreg2 years ago
You should modifying the dart holder to hold more darts
ralchin3 years ago
I cant find battery pack connectors ANYWHERE on the internet. Could someone pls give me a link? Btw i live in australia so i need it to have shipping available here.
woops! sorry I read your comment half way dude sorry! :(
dude go to radio shack, or go to the shack they have everything!
Try Jaycar, if there are any shops near you.
~Meme~ ralchin3 years ago
I live Australia too, so check hobby stores.
MSgt_JGC2 years ago
WOW! I am only 13 and this guy is like 30+ and I solder like a pro.
Go_Vikings2 years ago
nof-z3 years ago
at our band camp, we have a nerf war, an now i know how to survive!!!
That is beast.
Conrad7173 years ago
i know this post is old but could you modify a step counter to do this?
plz make a instrustable for a motion sensor vulcan
In step two which sides are oosirive and which sides are negative?
What part started melting? Was it the motor or the batteries?
the motor. If you put too much energy though a motor the bushings will burn and it will stop working. The batteries might burn in a short circut.
Could you solve that by replacing the motor with a faster one?
Yea, but its more fun working around that. Like adding a super gearing system. But I could make this be such a beast if I used that 4 cycle multi weed wacker/edger/blower/tiller/ect with the air compessor..........
Hows about a cheap battery dremmel motor ? Those things and their gear boxes spin at upwards of 3000rpm and sounds like a dentist drill....
What about an electric drill motor? :D
I think that the darts would melt on the way out of the barrel....O_o
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