Step 6: Paint the Gun

Picture of Paint the Gun
This was accomplished with a base matte black primer coat, and then metallic silver paints mixed with various levels of black to give variety to the metal pieces. Put metallic silver on black parts that would show wear, like behind the charging bolt or near buttons. This was our variation, but the sky is the limit with design possibilities.
Did you just hand paint it black then add silver details after the black dried?
NickBurp6 years ago
i painted my gun but the paint NEVER dries.Do u have any suggestions on wat type of paint i should use?
There are special paints that adhere to plastic - if you go to a hobby shop that has a section for RC cars, they usually have sprays of these paints... But I think the best thing to use is Automotive vinyl & plastic dye, it actually digs into the plastic - very scratch resistant (and you don't need to prime the gun to use it) What's key is you have to thoroughly clean it in order to remove the mold releasing agents - use soap and water. Then, wash the whole thing again using isopropyl alcohol (to get rid of non water soluble mold release agents. After properly cleaned, the water should not bead on the surface. You should also wear latex gloves as not to get your finger oils on the plastic. Prime it - use light primer if you want bright colors, and dark if you want dark colors. Don't just blast the paint on there - just dust it, and do several coats. It takes a little longer, but the result is much better.
i use spray paint with primer but if your applying it with a brush try thinner coats instead of thick ones and leave the paint ages for it to dry that way you know its fully set
how did you paint it?
Did you use a spray base primer, and then hand paint the different pieces? What paint do you think is the toughest and best for plastic?
It is illegal to paint over the tip of the barrel. The orange tip tells police that it's not a real gun
celloman256 years ago
should i attempt to paint mine? i might mess it up : )
Rocker586 years ago
nice painting