It is so simple any one can do it. It is easily expandable to hold more data, or delete it. Best of all its compact size fits great in shirt pockets, hip pockets, purses and some wallets.

Step 1: Gather Supplies

For this project you will need some 3 x 5 index cards and a binder clip or paper clip if you prefer.

Step 2: Assembly 1

Stack the index cards and put the binder clip over the cards.

Step 3: Assembly 2

Fold the binder clip tabs over.

If you are using a paper clip you may omit this step.

Step 4: Put It to Work

Stick it in your pocket for quick and easy access to your important data.
What OS does it use?
If you are a geek like i am, binary by computers. here is a binary alphabet:<br><br> <br>Binary Code<br>A<br> <br>01000001<br>B<br> <br>01000010<br>C<br> <br>01000011<br>D<br> <br>01000100<br>E<br> <br>01000101<br>F<br> <br>01000110<br>G<br> <br>01000111<br>H<br> <br>01001000<br>I<br> <br>01001001<br>J<br> <br>01001010<br>K<br> <br>01001011<br>L<br> <br>01001100<br>M<br> <br>01001101<br>N<br> <br>01001110<br>O<br> <br>01001111<br>P<br> <br>01010000<br>Q<br> <br>01010001<br>R<br> <br>01010010<br>S<br> <br>01010011<br>T<br> <br>01010100<br>U<br> <br>01010101<br>V<br> <br>01010110<br>W<br> <br>01010111<br>X<br> <br>01011000<br>Y<br> <br>01011001<br>Z<br> <br>01011010<br> <br>a<br>01100001<br><br>b<br>01100010<br><br>c<br>01100011<br><br>d<br>01100100<br><br>e<br>01100101<br><br>f<br>01100110<br><br>g<br>01100111<br><br>h<br> <br>01101000<br>i<br> <br>01101001<br>j<br> <br>01101010<br>k<br> <br>01101011<br>l<br> <br>01101100<br>m<br> <br>01101101<br>n<br> <br>01101110<br>o<br> <br>01101111<br>p<br> <br>01110000<br>q<br> <br>01110001<br>r<br> <br>01110010<br>s<br> <br>01110011<br>t<br> <br>01110100<br>u<br> <br>01110101<br>v<br> <br>01110110<br>w<br> <br>01110111<br>x<br> <br>01111000<br>y<br> <br>01111001<br>z<br> <br>01111010<br><br>please note that the code will be under the letter<br><br>Professor Paradox
There's print by English, doodle by Kindergarden, and heiroglyphics by Egypt. And that's just the most common ones.
&nbsp;ICHW - index card hand-writing. xD
lol<br />
7 seconds? I did it in 2! P.S. Are stickynotes cheating?
hmmm... possibly, because they are in a chunk. and i think he is talking about component gathering time also. just a thought.<br>
It will run a Safari just as quick as you can go. In this I would suggest a zip lock sandwich bag to put your PDA in. Sweaty paper can be hard to write on.
Bullet proof, inflammable, casing is good to prevent it from being destroyed from various apps. I love open source, but I'm not letting another burning fox, or a electrified eagle, destroy my PDA. Or the machete from Safari. Also, do not use AJAX on it. It just gets soggy and not much cleaner ;-)
Thanks a lot. You almost made me the first person die laughing.
Finally someone with a little humor.
Finally!!! A low-tech solution for everyday problems!!!!!
heres a&nbsp;way to make it cooler just add some&nbsp;drawn on aps like a calculater or a videowatcher and all that jass and&nbsp;on the front ad a page number to them so when you need an app you can just turn to the right page
If you laminate the cards you can re-format them when they get too packed with data.<br /> <br /> Using erasers leaves a shadow<br />
oh come on! it's awesome!
Its cool, but what is all this stuff about turning it on? Its paper!!! and what can it do? is it some writing pad that you get out and write on? its kinda odd. but it is good 4 quick drawing 4 an artist like me!
amazing, and pls do make pda case too
Woah Sweet, I jailbroke mine - No more paying!
I followed the instructions but I can't get it to turn on. Maybe it is still booting but the screen is just blank. Does it have an alarm function?
1) You did not mention the system requirements. But i think k12 might fit. 2) Hint: With an apple on the front side it changes from PDA to "iPad".
hey... are you actually a pro or did ya' just put that on your pic?
seriously, i hope you will win a tshirt for this "how to make a 500$toy for less than a dollars!"
This was my very first instructable and it would be cool if I won a prise for it! Thanks!
really? THIS was your FIRST instructable? Genius!!!
I kinda got lost on step 2 ;p....
It comes with a couple of games too. Including a 2 player version of noughts and crosses.
You forgot tic-tac-toe and other challenging games. LOL
"Noughts and Crosses" is the British name for Tac-Tac-Toe. FYI ;)
hahaha! my friends at school can't get enough of these!
That's cool. I have used this since before PDA's where the rage.
ummm... when were PDA's the rage? you mean like, the iPhone and stuff?
How about before electronic data devices?
oh. i guess <strong>that</strong> was, umm... &quot;before my time.&quot; great 'ible, though! 5*!<br/>
Would it help if I made a PDA case out of duct tape to go with it? That would be a bit more than 7 seconds though......
So, you don't like simple? To bad!
tittle is good... but i beat your 7 seconds..5.4 seconds!!!!! btw... good job now i can finally afford a pda !!!!
me too! XD
Hey! You said in 7 seconds, liar. I did it in 5... xD Jk. Awesome though. (Quite frequently, the simplest is the best.)
I used to carry a notepad in my shirt pocket at work, but I've had too many of them fall out into something really messy. Now I use a short stack of 3x5's, but I need to get a clip for them. My APDA is multilingual and has multiple fonts installed. Great idea, mate!
lol clever.
And if you want the ultimate in security for your notes just carry a lighter with you.
oooh and burn it 1mm under the alarm
I had one of these for a while. Then I lost it.<br/> I just came back from staples getting things for school, and thought i would get a nice planner for myself (something nice so I would use it). after looking at a wall of big, bulky, leatherbound planners in excess of $40, i walked over to the index cards, got 500 ruled and 100 grid index cards and 60 small binder clips for about 6 dollars. Sweet. I got 60 binder clips for my next instructable, which will be a desktop-version of this. <br/><br/>I'm putting my PDA together now, it<em>s almost ready to boot up. I love these, and it fits my engineering/DIY style perfectly. </em><br/>
I am missing the digital part of the PDA. <br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_digital_assistant">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_digital_assistant</a><br/>
Sorry for the confusion, but this is a Personal Data Assistant
if you called it a paa it could be a personal <strong>analouge</strong> assistant<br/>

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