Paper Airplanes are a significant part of everbody's childhood, and although you may not have realized it when you were younger, there is alot of science behind the flaps and elevators some people build on their airplanes.  After you read this instructable, the next time you see a group of people flying paper airplanes and they are wondering why their plane keeps diving, or shooting up, you will be able to pass on this knowledge to them and explain how aerodynamics works.  In this instructable, you will: learn the basics of designing your own paper airplanes, learn why paper airplanes work the way they do, you will learn a few of my favorite paper airplane designs, and last but not least, HAVE FUN!  Because of the ease of setup, and the simplicity of this project, I would highly reccomend building this with students or children.  Enjoy!

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Step 1: Materials

You will need...

* Paper (preferably 2-3 pieces of computer printing paper)
* An open room (it shouldn't have fragile objects, and preferably no wind)
* The ability to learn


* Scissors
If it keeps doing backflips you may want to consider bending the flaps down, and if that doesn't work, I would go back through the steps and make sure you built It correctly. Thanks! <br>-Doctordv
Nice work. Good academic connections, and that looks like an excellent plane design. Keep 'em coming!
I am glad you like my instructable. Also, I plan on posting more paper airplane instructables. Thanks again! <br>-Doctordv

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Bio: I love making things and simple electronics!
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