Picture of The Ultimate Paracord Dispenser
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This is a simple paracord dispenser which is made out of a barrel pencil sharpener. You can use a New one but I used one that I found lying around on my desk.
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Step 1: Dismantling The Sharpener

Picture of Dismantling The Sharpener
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To prepare the sharpener you have to unscrew the sharpening device. There are usually two screws on the inside of the lid that will take out the entire assembly.

Step 2: Adding Paracord

Picture of Adding Paracord
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13, 9:55 PM.jpg
Take a coil of paracord and place it inside the barrel. Different sized sharpeners hold different amounts of string. To finish it off lace one end through the hole in the lid and screw on the top.
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