Impress everyone in your neighborhood with this awesome costume. Its easy to make and doesn't cost that much, but the results are amazing!

NOTE: You should read through the whole instructable first before actually making it. That way, you can make any changes to the design to make it your own.

Step 1: Materials

-Duct tape (strong)
-Big Box (for body)
-Smaller Box (head)
-3 dryer vents (as long as your arms)
-strong scissors
-2 cans of Spray Paint (body)
-thin, tall box (for candy)
-strongish string

-Masking Tape
-1 small size spray paint (accents)
lol, i had this idea when i was 6,but never did it :P but in my idea,the tube was inside the box
i made a robot similar to this 4 Halloween where the head opens up for candy
This can't be ultimate. I don't read Awesome'O somewhere.. But still nice :)
Not the greatest LOOKING carboard robot, but the candy chute idea is AWESOME!!
Crucial error in Step 9...robots are yellow-orange, not silver. Duh. Oh, and they wear leather flying helmets.
its more of a peach color.
Totally awesome.

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