Impress everyone in your neighborhood with this awesome costume. Its easy to make and doesn't cost that much, but the results are amazing!

NOTE: You should read through the whole instructable first before actually making it. That way, you can make any changes to the design to make it your own.
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Step 2: Preparing

Picture of Preparing
With the box upside down, with all the tape off (so both ends of the box are open). (Picture 1)
Cut all four flaps off the bottom of your costume. (Picture 2)
Flip the box back over, and cut the front and back flaps on the top off. (Pictures 3 and 4)

Step 3: Planning

Picture of Planning
Draw the pattern shown on Picture 1.

To do this accurately follow the steps on the other pictures.

Step 4: Cutting!

Picture of Cutting!
Cut on the lines you just made. Now you should have something similar to Picture 1.

Now draw a shape to let your head and shoulders through, and cut it. (Picture 2)

Step 6: Attach the Candy Box

Picture of Attach the Candy Box
To attach the candy box:

Put the candy box inside the body box. Make sure that it is aligned with the top of the body box. (Picture 1)

On the bottom of the candy box, punch two slits for tape to go through. (Picture 2)

String the tape through the slits, making a tight loop around the candy box, securing it to the big box. (Pictures 3 and 4)
masonrulz5 years ago
lol, i had this idea when i was 6,but never did it :P but in my idea,the tube was inside the box
King_Banana6 years ago
i made a robot similar to this 4 Halloween where the head opens up for candy
wupme6 years ago
This can't be ultimate. I don't read Awesome'O somewhere.. But still nice :)
JerryMopar6 years ago
Not the greatest LOOKING carboard robot, but the candy chute idea is AWESOME!!
flaresam6 years ago
CameronSS7 years ago
Crucial error in Step 9...robots are yellow-orange, not silver. Duh. Oh, and they wear leather flying helmets.
Robot in hat.png
its more of a peach color.
JakeTobak7 years ago
Totally awesome.