The Ultimate Room With Everything You Need To Live And More

Picture of The Ultimate Room With Everything You Need To Live And More
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13, 10:16 AM.jpg
When I say this room contains everything, it has everything. Plus, once it's built, water and electricity will be free. This room contains a giant tv with many different gaming consoles, a small kitchen, a septic system that produces the gases that run the house, solar panels, and a well outside. The drawings are more accurate then the 123d photos.
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Step 1: The Room

Picture of The Room
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13, 10:16 AM.jpg
The room is 18x25 feet and can support one to two people. First of all, on the left wall of the room is a 51 inch tv that cost $550 at best buy. 12 feet away from the tv is a $1000 couch that the owners will sit in and watch the tv from. Underneath the tv is a Blu Ray player with Netflix for movies and DVDs that cost $90. There is a cable box under the tv for watching tv live costing $5 a month (we rent ours from optimum). There is an Xbox under the tv for $300 with games worth up to $150. Next to the couch at a 45 degree angle is a recliner chair for $500. There is a ping pong table, a pool table, and a air hockey table. These in all will cost $2000. The total cost of this part is $4,590.

Step 2: Adjacent Rooms

Picture of Adjacent Rooms
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Next to the main room, you can have a bedroom. There is enough space. In my bed room I put an armoire to be fancy and a bed. This is not part of my room, it is just something to have if you want to live in the room. Next to the bedroom is a bathroom, and next to the bathroom is a green house. I want this room to be as cheap as possible and to be able to run for a while on its own. This room is not big enough to completely fill the room, but it will pay for a few meals. In the corner is a kitchenette. It includes a sink, a stove, an oven, shelves, and a pantry. This is where you can prepare food.
kurtnotkirk4 months ago
This is really an interesting design. Do you have a complete construction cost breakdown on this? I will vote for you!
Firephoenix123 (author) 5 months ago
They would be built into the walls and ceiling.
Oracus5 months ago
Where is the HVAC system?

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