Step 4: Build the LED circuit...

Picture of Build the LED circuit...
1. Wire all of the negative terminals of the LED's together for each letter

2. Add a 330ohm resistor to each positive LED terminal and wire all of the positive leads together.

3. Join the positive contacts and negative contacts of each letter in the word to form a group or section that you want to flash.

4. Build the flashing circuit and hot glue it in place. Add your 9 Volt batteries, 1 or 2 to power the LED's and 1 to power the circuit. I found that one would light the sign for a long time and the LED's will run on as low as 4 volts.
mikyMonster2 years ago
what is a relay and where can i buy it? link please. Noob alert
calaman255 years ago
KipKay, nice work, i have a question, is this the relay that you used??. if it is, how you wired?.. thanks for asking.
very nice, i just have one question: that type of relay is that?
r0b3rt036 years ago
There are only three things I am not sure about with this schematic. What type of relay was used and what type of component was used for the power source? Also, what is the 1004 Diode? Thanks.
LastDevil6 years ago
could this be made to have a DC power for indoor use? sorry for the silly question i'm new to electronics
shixman6 years ago
my name ist shady from Germany. i had tried to make this Circuit. but it doesnt work!!! kann u pleas show me the PCB Plan!!!!! i cant find the switch in this shematic . and my ciruit doesnt Flashing. THANKS
marcia096 years ago
I was amazed by your sign and would like to build one for my business (a challenge since I know nothing of this kind of things) Can it be powered by a transformer and if yes which one ? Also which voltage are the leds you used ? and amps? Thank you so much for an answer