Picture of The Ultimate Survival combo kit
This very usefull electonic survival tool that includes a BRIGHT L.E.D flashlight, a red light beacon and a solar powered cell phone charger with rechargable power supply. This lightweight kit can be used in almost any survival scenerio. Whether you are camping and you dont have your standard outlets to charge your phone? Or you decide to go for a walk in the woods and you can't find your way home. The uses just keep going!

Step 1: What comes in the kit:

Picture of What comes in the kit:
    4x8 project box, 6 volt 1w solar panel, 6 volt rechargeable NIMH battery, 4 AA battery box, USB port, large red  6 volt L.E.D, The L.E.D from a six volt head lamp, Two switches one momentary and one on/off and 22 gauge red and black wire.    TOOLS NEEDED:  A hot glue gun, Power drill, Soldering iron 20 w minimum and a small file                               
Emperor Towhid10 months ago

that's the survival kit I like.

jmwells2 years ago
While I had no problem following your progress, a wiring diagram would be useful to novices.