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<p>What is wrong with my code?</p><p>Set WshShell = WScript.CreateObject (&quot;WScript.Shell&quot;)<br>WshShell.SendKeys &quot;FirstWord&quot;<br>WScript.Sleep &quot;200&quot;<br>WshShell.SendKeys &quot;SecondWord&quot;</p>
<p>Input boxes allow the user to INPUT a text string. Here is the code for one.</p><p><br>variable=inputbox (&quot;Message&quot;,&quot;Title&quot;,&quot;Default Text&quot;)<br><br>Any of the text between the commas is optional by just not putting anything there like<br><br>variable=inputbox (&quot;Type a Message&quot;,,&quot;Message&quot;)</p><p>How do you make that certain text that you type in the box acctivates a command, like:</p><p>&quot;sing me a song&quot; and that opens song.mp3</p>
<p>How do you make a quiz, like with the input boxes and using &quot;if then else&quot;</p>
Wow thanx for it
<p>Take the line:<br>variable=msgbox (&quot;Message goes here&quot;,0+16,&quot;Title goes here&quot;)</p><p>For whatever message box you want the input on. You may want to change &quot;variable&quot; to something more relevant. Step 7 has more information on if-then conditionals, but the idea is, you want to make the conditional check to see if your variable is equal to a constant defined by the script host. It should be the button's text with &quot;vb&quot; in front of it, for example...</p><p>if variable = vbYes then</p><p> [your code here]</p><p>end</p><p>In that example, the code will only run if the yes button is clicked.</p>
<p>is there any way that when the you click yes on msgbox its makes a custom response, I have searched online, but it gives me error...</p>
<p>n = inputbox (&quot;Number to loop&quot;,&quot;Text2Speech&quot;,&quot;&quot;)<br><br>do While n &gt; 0<br>speech = inputbox (&quot;Text to speak&quot;,&quot;Text2Speech&quot;,&quot;&quot;)<br>Set Sapi = Wscript.CreateObject(&quot;SAPI.SpVoice&quot;)<br>Sapi.speak speech<br>n = n - 1<br>loop</p><p>or, to make someone go crazy make it loop forever</p><p>do<br>speech = inputbox (&quot;Text to speak&quot;,&quot;Text2Speech&quot;,&quot;&quot;)<br>Set Sapi = Wscript.CreateObject(&quot;SAPI.SpVoice&quot;)<br>Sapi.speak speech<br>loop</p>
Thank you for making this instructable. It has been very informative. I can't wait for you to make another one or add to this one.
very good job.<br>but I want some vb scripts about replacing words and sentences in a text,so can you provide it for me please.
I'll add that to this instructable soon.
I know you touched on this in the tutorial but can you please update (or message me) on how to make one of the text input msgboxes where it only goes away if they enter the user that it running the file's password
So you mean an inputbox that won't go away until the correct password is entered?
Check my instructable<br> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-Computer-Lock/" rel="nofollow">How to make a computer lock</a>
Your welcome.
A brain <br>LOL!
cool! <br>

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