Step 15: Bye

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very good job.
but I want some vb scripts about replacing words and sentences in a text,so can you provide it for me please.
Super_Nerd (author)  mohamadelmoussa4 years ago
I'll add that to this instructable soon.
I know you touched on this in the tutorial but can you please update (or message me) on how to make one of the text input msgboxes where it only goes away if they enter the user that it running the file's password
Super_Nerd (author)  theATVmadman3 years ago
So you mean an inputbox that won't go away until the correct password is entered?
Super_Nerd (author)  theATVmadman3 years ago
Check my instructable
How to make a computer lock
Super_Nerd (author)  theATVmadman3 years ago
Your welcome.