This workspace has a computer, soldering pad, drill press, tons of storage and more.
I got this workbench about 2 years ago and it is perfect for the stuff i do. It is well lit and has plenty of room for me to spread out the project i'm working on. I use the computer for my CAD drawings and to look up pieces I need for a project. It gets cold in the garage during the winter so i have a heater above the workbench do i don't have to wear a coat. Everyone needs a workspace where they have everything in one spot.
ohelite13 years ago
i like your flame stool. that's cool
Machine3 years ago
Very nice, it's kind of looking a bit mysterious too with all the shadows. Looks very clean and well organized. I bet you love working there.

You've given me a couple of ideas about lighting in my own workshop.

Thanks for showing us.
robot19 (author)  Machine3 years ago
Thanks, I love working here because its a nice open area and I know where everything is. I have to agree that the shadows are very mysterious, they add another level of inspiration to the workspace.

Thanks for admiring
DIY Dave3 years ago
Nice workshop. Looks very organized and clean...how I like it. It was a good idea to mount outlets on the workbench, I think I may add some to mine soon.
robot19 (author)  DIY Dave3 years ago
Thanks man, it took a lot to get it this way. I use the outlets every time I work on a project so I highly suggest them, very helpful. I also added an retractable electrical cable that hangs above my work bench so I can work away from my space.
No-Shi-De4 years ago
i envy this work place...
Dr. Pepper4 years ago
I love that tiny drill press.