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Introduction: The Umbrella Inc. Wii Laptop

how to make a The Umbrella inc. Wii Laptop



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    Yeah, this is a pretty cool concept, but if I had a mini tv, (which I plan on getting eventually, stupid recession) I would just carefully put the game console (in this case wii) and the wires games, etc, and the tv inside a backpack. This obviously has it's niche, and if it wasn't for the fact that I personally need ultra portablity, whether walking, riding in a car, or riding a bike, I would seriously consider this concept.

     Nice job, but i would more or less call this a portible wii then a laptop. Check out some of Ben Hecks laptop mods for inspiration.

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    Hey man, I see where you are coming from now, and i just got a keyboard for it and i have seen ben heck before and this is where i got the idea.