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Ahhh, the all elusive free mount. There are a few ways to get into this. I would recommend the basic one, not a 180 jump mount, not yet at least :). Again, the 5 11 position. This is personal preference, but I have my 5 foot my non dominant. This takes a TON of practice, nearly a month for me :). LAMEDUST: don't unpublish it dude! its good how it is.

Step 1: Other Methods

Give idling a try. This is when you ride forward, back, forward back. Your 5 o'clock foot should be swinging to about 7 O'clock, and back. This gives you a general idea of the process of mounting. That said, nothing beats practicing plain old mounting.


r3nrut (author)2010-04-28

WooHoo Sanuks. Best Shoes Ever!!

BSR438 (author)2008-05-13

Does anyone know how to make a unicycle?

vanpaun (author)BSR4382008-05-13

from what? a bike? its very weird.

Patrik (author)vanpaun2008-05-20

Have you seen some of the bikes on here? "Very weird" would fit right in! :-D

Seriously, I think a DIY unicycle project would make for a great instructable.

esotericguy (author)Patrik2009-08-09

You've got to remember that the hub of a unicycle does NOT move while the hub of a regular bike wheel does.

philipster (author)BSR4382008-05-16

i think you can but very hard id probably use a bmx fork or if i was super rich like a downhill hydrolic suspension for like rock hopping you'd probably need to take out the fork steerer and get one thats hollow and with the pedals u would make the rim lock up and then try to mount bearing and pedals some way it would be awesome if some on could do it

vanpaun (author)2008-05-16

sorry to burst your bubble, but I can do all that but the 50 cm rolling hop. I can also do more. We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site. Also why am I a smart arse? Stop being grumpy dude

philipster (author)vanpaun2008-05-16

let me some of ur vids then

vanpaun (author)philipster2008-05-16

I don't have a camera. But lets not forget, I never said you sucked at uni

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