The Unicycle Freemount: by Popular Demand





Introduction: The Unicycle Freemount: by Popular Demand

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Ahhh, the all elusive free mount. There are a few ways to get into this. I would recommend the basic one, not a 180 jump mount, not yet at least :). Again, the 5 11 position. This is personal preference, but I have my 5 foot my non dominant. This takes a TON of practice, nearly a month for me :). LAMEDUST: don't unpublish it dude! its good how it is.

Step 1: Other Methods

Give idling a try. This is when you ride forward, back, forward back. Your 5 o'clock foot should be swinging to about 7 O'clock, and back. This gives you a general idea of the process of mounting. That said, nothing beats practicing plain old mounting.



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    Have you seen some of the bikes on here? "Very weird" would fit right in! :-D

    Seriously, I think a DIY unicycle project would make for a great instructable.

    You've got to remember that the hub of a unicycle does NOT move while the hub of a regular bike wheel does.

    i think you can but very hard id probably use a bmx fork or if i was super rich like a downhill hydrolic suspension for like rock hopping you'd probably need to take out the fork steerer and get one thats hollow and with the pedals u would make the rim lock up and then try to mount bearing and pedals some way it would be awesome if some on could do it

    sorry to burst your bubble, but I can do all that but the 50 cm rolling hop. I can also do more. We have a "be nice" comment policy. Please be positive and constructive with your comments or risk being banned from our site. Also why am I a smart arse? Stop being grumpy dude

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