this is one very neat invention that was just made by fooling around with knex. This amazing vehicle is basically unstoppable when you tip it on its side, it filps back right. If it hits a wall it turns itself. Just build and see!
Happy Building. And Merry christmas too.

Step 1: Make the Wheels

Make two of these. These will be the wheels.

Step 2: Finishing Touches

Add 6 spacers on one side of the motor on a gray rod and a red connector on the motor. Then do the same but with 5 spacers on the other side.

Step 3: Extras

you can add wheels on the red conectors but it makes it less fun (in my opinion)
<p>I don't have the bent sticks to make this, but it looks good.</p>
I should proabably warn people that the bendy sticks are not actual bendy sticks rather,they are special pre-bent sticks from a knex education set but the build is possible with bendy sticks instead.
<p>Gonna make it soon</p>

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