The Upcycled DIY Sandbox





Introduction: The Upcycled DIY Sandbox

After the grand success of my scrap wood playhouse I thought I’d continue my upcycling challenge and try to create a sandbox for the kiddo once again using only what I could find around the house. I went spelunking in the attic and discovered an old, squeaky dresser and a few random pieces of wood.

Step 1:

I removed the drawers and took them apart.

Nailed on a few extra MDF boards to cover the open back of the dresser.

Step 2:

Attached the side piece of an old desk to the bottom of the dresser to close it up and provide a back rest then used the back & sides from one of the drawers to create a mini bench inside of the sandbox.

The drawer fronts were attached together to form a (perfectly fitting) lid for the sandbox.

Step 3:

Everything got two coats of some leftover weather proof paint.

Then I attached a couple of old drawer pulls to the lid & found the perfect corner to set it up!

Step 4:

I added some of the (many) old vintage bricks that we discovered buried in the yard during our landscaping attempts for a fancy border detail and a mini paddling pool for splashy sandy feet rinsing fun!



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    Love this! Especially the little bench!

    this is awesome so a great idea and just the right amount of space for a couple kids.