Picture of The Uses For A Coin
Imagine this scenario: You're bored at work home or anywhere you have a few coins in your pocket, what should you do? Well this instructable will tell you exactly what you could do!!! If your on your own or with a group here is a few things to do.
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Step 1: Hockey

Picture of Hockey
Whip out a stick of some sort, possibly a pencil. Have a small goal. Use the stick as a hockey stick and try to get it in the goal!!!

Step 2: Art

Picture of Art
Make a piece of art from your coins(see picture)

Step 3: Heads Or Tails

Picture of Heads Or Tails
Classic heads or tales. If you are really bored start a tournament!!!!!

Step 4: Magic

Learn a few magic tricks and show them to friends and family.

Step 5: A New Magic Trick You Can Learn

Picture of A New Magic Trick You Can Learn
Start by flipping a coin, don't catch it, let it drop to the floor, pretend to pick it up and slip it under your foot! Bring your closed hand up to your mouth and blow revealing no coin in your hand

Step 6: This Ones Just Random But Snooker

Picture of This Ones Just Random But Snooker
2013 08:04.jpg
Set the coins out like the picture and then flick the coins using your fingers!!!!

Step 7: Last But Not Least

Buy things!!!!!!!! If you can think of anything else then why don't you post it in the comments.

Step 8: The Update Another Thing To Do

http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Shoot-Coins !!!
tanksterbot (author) 2 years ago
Alexf1 there is now a link for your instructable on the instructable itself
alexf12 years ago
You can flick coins. Search shoot coins in the instructables search bar to see how