Introduction: The X685 VORTEX

Picture of The X685 VORTEX
This is a huge, bulky, difficult-to-use Giant ferris-wheel-turned-gatling-gun.
it does, however, fire at a massive 2000 or more rpm. Yes, 25 bullets in under a second.

This instructable is made in 3 main parts: the wheel, the frame, and the barrels.

Be warned, as this gun requires a huge amount of pieces!

Step 1: The Wheel, Part 1

Picture of The Wheel, Part 1

A pretty easy step.
50 blue 3d connectors
50 purple 3d connectors
73 white rods
2 Green rods

Make 24 of pic. 2 and 1 of pic 3.

Step 2: The Wheel, Part 2

Picture of The Wheel, Part 2

An even easier step
48 gray rods
1 black rod
6 White connectors
2 silver spacers
2 Brown tabbed connectors
2 blue spacers
1 Commando connector

Step 3: The Wheel, Part 3

Picture of The Wheel, Part 3

Connect the 2 parts of the wheel. you should now have a ferris wheel about 2 feet in diameter.

Step 4: The Frame, Part 1

Picture of The Frame, Part 1

The first part of the frame: a tower

Step 5: The Frame, Part 2

Picture of The Frame, Part 2

The second parts of the frame: two supports

Step 6: The Frame, Part 3

Picture of The Frame, Part 3

The third part: the motor cage

Step 7: The Frame, Part 4

Picture of The Frame, Part 4

The fourth part: the bottom piece

Step 8: The Frame, Part 5

Picture of The Frame, Part 5

the Fifth part, another tower

Step 9: The Frame, Part 6

Picture of The Frame, Part 6

The sixth part: the wheel supporter

Step 10: The Frame, Part 7

Picture of The Frame, Part 7

The Other Tower

Step 11: The Frame, Part 8

Picture of The Frame, Part 8

The Top Part

Step 12: The Frame, Part 9 (Assembly)

Picture of The Frame, Part 9 (Assembly)

Assembe Steps 1-11

Step 13: The Barrels, Part 1

Picture of The Barrels, Part 1

Build 25 of these Babies

Pieces: per barrel
8 Gray connectors
3 orange connectors
~2 rubberbands
2 Light gray connectors
2 Brown connectors
1 white rod
1 blue rod
1 gray rod
2 red rods
3 silver spacers
1 blue spacer
Total: 26 pieces

200 Gray connectors
75 orange connectors
~50 rubberbands
50 Light gray connectors
25 white rods
25 blue rod
25 gray rod
50 red rods
75 silver spacers
25 blue spacer

Total: 650 Pieces

Step 14: The Barrels, Part 2

Picture of The Barrels, Part 2

Attach them

Step 15: Firing and Loading

Picture of Firing and Loading

to load, pull back the Ramrod and put in a yellow rod.

To fire, press the black swithc DOWN. Wait for it to speed up then pull the lever / handle.


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gerrits13 (author)2009-11-29

try putting 4 green rods in each barrel 100 shots

Fred the Penguin (author)2009-07-27

glorified ferris wheel

An Villain (author)2009-07-19

you are the king of gattling guns Darth Trainman.

legolover5 (author)2009-07-06

could u make something a bit smaller plz i dont have enough knex. its 2 cool 2 not be built so could u make like a Vortex mini or something i really want 2 build it though.

builder968 (author)2008-10-11

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