Picture of The Valentine's Present <3
This Valentine's present never gets old because it changes everytime I make it! This is a simple project you can do for your boyfriend, hubby, kids, heck even your kids can make it for their sweethearts! Here are the steps to making a sweet Valentine's gift from the heart, and yes it is a book type thing.

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Step 1: Materials and Links =^^=

Picture of Materials and Links =^^=

~ Hole Puncher (3-hole punch)
~ Scissors (safety scissors if you are working with a child please!)
~ Ribbon or string (any color will do, if you want to get really festive use red or pink, if it's xmas use red and green, etc.)
~ glue or tape (i find that glue works better)
~ Coloring/Drawing Supplies (markers, crayons, pencils, etc.)
~ An assortment of paper, around the same size if you wish.
~ Construction paper (2 of one color you are going to use.)
~Various cut-outs or drawings (you could even draw them yourself, I drew some and got a few pictures from the links at the bottom == as well as a few from a cheap coloring book)
~ An imagination (can't forget that now can we?)

Links I Used:
~ DLTK Crafts :
~ Pudgy Bunny :
~ Coloring Book Fun (they have TONS of coloring pages) :

Step 2: Step 1

Picture of Step 1
1. Figure out how many pages you are going to use for your present == I had 14 since it was valentine's day. And 3-hole punch the pages, so that you are able to string them together. I added pictures of my title pages at the bottom, so you can get an idea of what to do for the cover haha.

Step 3: Step 2

Picture of Step 2
2. For the cover, Paste your favorite pictures onto the construction paper. You can see what I did for my cover and back in the previous step, i will post them again here anyway. Don't forget to leave room for the holes! But if you want an extreme collage look you can paste over the whole page and hole-punch. (if you are doing a collage you might want to get a bit thicker paper such as card or heavy weight construction paper)
WhyHello4 years ago
great :) I have a folder filled with sweet texts shared between me and my BF :)
pie popper5 years ago
the animals on the front are adorable!
bushra5 years ago
wow thank you so much i was wondering fo a nice present :D
b_a_b_e6 years ago
Kaiven6 years ago
!!!!! WHERE DID YOU GET THOSE PLATES?!!!!! WE HAVE THE SAME ONES! Either from california, Germany, or Korea... I must know where you got them... the design is on ALL of our plates... last picture forsize comparison.
Gwenieviere (author)  Kaiven6 years ago
I think my parents got them either in the philippines or korea, so my guess is we have the same plates xD That's sooooo weird! xD My parents have this whole set of them =O_O=
she just said they are in walmart and k-mart too... uh, maybe not a bid coincidence xD
Gwenieviere (author)  Kaiven6 years ago
haha its no problem xD
sweet. My guess is it could be either place. Korea and the phillipines are pretty close, so probably could be either place. wait, my mom said she bought them in germany... hmm...
Goodhart7 years ago
That is very cute.
Thanks for this idea!!!
Gwenieviere (author)  shutterbugbug7 years ago
You're very welcome! :D
megapun137 years ago
are you a guy?
I'm 99% she's a female. Mostly because of her name, profile, and drawings.
Gwenieviere (author)  JakeTobak7 years ago
Thanks for clarifying before I got here == lol
And the picture of her hand...
Gwenieviere (author)  megapun137 years ago
No megapun13, I am a female, hence my profile picture lol ==
reedz7 years ago light of the other comments. This is an awesome instructable. I would love to get a gift like this any day.
Gwenieviere (author)  reedz7 years ago
Thanks for the comment! == My guy LOVES it when I do artsy stuff for him like this, I just thought the idea would make more people happy ==