Yet Another Steam Punk Project ;-)

A nice looking flower made from an old clock housing.

Step 1: Parts

You need:
  • Some artificial flowers
  • Some strange looking fruits and / or nuts. (e.g. a Lotus fruit)
  • Some neon bulbs (red or green)
  • Resistors for driving the neon bulbs with 115V (in this case 92KOhm)
  • An old clock housing
  • Some pieces of MDF
Is it possible that there could <em>be</em> a <strong>switch</strong>??
Oh, yes! <br>Please post some pictures here. <br>I like to see more of theses artificial flowers. <br> <br>Please mention, that I used neon bulbs in that instructable. <br> <br>With kind regards, <br> <br>Horatius Steam
Very impressive. I'm going to make a similar one but w/ red and blue lights :)

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