Picture of The Versatile 555 Timer
555 Timer googled on the internet will turn you up about 672,000 results. Of course, each website probably has a bunch of schematics. That will turn out to be a few million results.

I've decided to post some projects about the 555 that I find are really fun and useful/ annoying. www.555-timer-circuits.com has more.

It is overwhelming about where to start...

Step 1: Gather the Parts.

Picture of Gather the Parts.
You will need:
A lot of 555 timers
A lot of jumpers
A lot of electronic components

Is there any way to mix the mono and bistable mode? I mean
pressing 1 button to turn it on the led, and keep it on untill press the
other button (or the same button, this is not a critical issue) then
after a time, the led goes off?

techxpert3 years ago
is 10 alot
it's enough
great :)
blinkyblinky (author)  techxpert3 years ago