Picture of The Versatile Crown Knot

My dad taught me how to make a crown knot when I was in cub scouts. I'll be 65 in a few weeks so that will give you some sort of indication as to how long I have been doing this. My dad was a boatswain mate in the navy in WW2 and told me they used this knot to put on the hand rails on the ships.
There are many other versions of this knot here on, but this is the way I learned how to do it.
The photo shows 3 projects that can easily be made using this method.
The left one is a simple key fob, I just forgot to put a key ring on the end.
The middle is a cover for my scissors.
The right is my awl that has been covered with cord.

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Step 1: Items you will need.

Picture of Items you will need.
To make the cover for the awl, I used three lengths of paracord four feet long with the inner cords removed.
I have found that you need about a foot of cord to make about an inch of braid.
You also need a good pair of sharp scissors, a very sharp knife and due to medical issues I have diminished strength in my hands so I use a pair of pliers to help tighten the knots.
I also use a large needle to take the place of the awl as I am braiding. I am no longer coordinated enough to deal with the length of the awl.
1. Small awl. I used a small screwdriver and ground down the tip.
2. 3 lengths of paracord 4 feet long.
3. A pair of sharp scissors.
4. A large needle or nail about the same diameter of the awl.
5. A pair of pliers.
6. A very sharp knife.
7. A piece of the center of the cord to tie things together.

rimar20001 year ago

Interesting, thanks for sharing.

Is it versitale or versatile?

paracordbraider (author)  rimar20001 year ago

I guess the spell checker didn't catch that one.