Introduction: The Vex Assault Vehicle

We are going to build an Assault Vehicle using Vex robotics and a Rival MXVI-4000.

Step 1: Step 1: Materials

- 1 (Nerf Rival MXVI-4000)

-1 (VEXnet Joystick)

-1 (VEX ARM Cortex-based Microcontroller)

-2 (Angle 3x3x25)

-4 (Standoff 2.00")

-8 (Nut 8-32)

-13 (8mm spacer)

-2 (Linear Rails)

-7 (Bearing flats)

-13 (4.6mm spacer)

-24 (Bearing Pop Rivets)

-6 (Screw 8-32x0.500")

-2 (Linear Slide)

-1 (1x5x1x25 C-Channel)

-3 (2 wire Motor 393)

-3 (Motor Controller 29)

-4 (4" Omni-Directional wheels)

-2 (4" High traction wheels)

-6 (60 tooth gear)

-2 (84 tooth gear)

-2 (60 tooth High strength gear)

-26 (Shaft Collars)

-20 (Screw 8-32x0.250")

-3 (1x2x1x35 C-Channel)

-1 (Angle 2x2x25)

-2 (Pillow Block Bearings)

-2 (Standoff 1.00")

-4 (Standoff 0.50")

-2 (Rack Gearbox)

-4 (1x2x1x25 C-Channel)

Step 2: Step 2: Base

Step 3: Step 3: Base

Step 4: Step 4: Finished Base

Step 5: Step 5: Drive System

Step 6: Step 6: Drive System

Step 7: Step 7: Finished Drive System

Step 8: Step 8: Cross Beam

Step 9: Step 9: the Attachment of the Base

The pillow block bearings attach the base to the drive system.

Step 10: Step 10: Cross Beam

The cross beam adds more support.

Step 11: Step 11: Finished Drive System/ Attached Base

Step 12: Step 12: Finished Base With Rival MXVI-4000

The base is important because the linear system, which shoots the Rival MXVI-4000, sit on top of the base.

Step 13: Step 13:

This will insure you build around the Rival MXVI-4000 so it does not jolt when driving around.

Step 14: Step 14: Linear System

Step 15: Step 15: Linear Drive System

The Linear drive system is in charge of shooting the Rival-MXVI-4000.

Step 16: Step 16: Shooting Mechanism

Step 17: Step 17: Finished Shooting Mechanism

Step 18: Step 18: Attachment of VEX-ARM Cortex-based Microcontroller

Basically the brain of the robot.

Step 19: Step 19: Fastening Wires

It is imperative to fasten your wires unless you want them to get caught, and be jumbled all over the place.

Step 20: Step 20: Finished Vex Assault Vehicle

Congratulations you did it!


Jonathan7marsalis (author)2017-06-12

The Robotics kit is a Vex EDR kit

Jonathan7marsalis (author)2017-06-11

That would be crazy!

Stan1y (author)2017-06-11

what's the construction kit used for the main build? it looks like a version of meccano and who distributes it?

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2017-06-10

Awesome. If would be so much fun to unleash a bunch of these at the same time.

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