Introduction: "The Viking" Catapult

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This should teach your co-workers who's boss. Spend half an hour making it, then have hours of fun hassling your co-workers or target shooting. Mine shot a pencil eraser about 30 feet easily.

Check out Kiteman's version as well.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Office Supply Contest!

Here's a video of it firing:

Step 1: What You Need:

Picture of What You Need:

- 5 pencils
- 2 pens
- A plastic bottle cap
- At least 14 elastics
- A craft knife or pair of scissors

Step 2: Making the Frame Part 1

Picture of Making the Frame Part 1

- Take three pencils and arrange them in a triangle and use elastics to hold them together. This will be the base
- Use an elastic to attach another two pencils together into a V shape
- Then take the V shape and use elastics to attach the forks to two of the corners of the triangle

Step 3: Making the Frame Part 2

Picture of Making the Frame Part 2

- Place an elastic over one of the arms on the V and pull it through itself (see the first picture)
- Put the pen through the elastic as shown in the second picture
- Pull the elastic tight and wrap it around the pen and frame
- Repeat this for the other side
- Do the same thing with the other end of the pens near the back of the frame

Step 4: The Ammo Pouch

Picture of The Ammo Pouch

- Use the craft knife to cut a hole in the top of the plastic bottle cap and three in the sides roughly equal distances apart
- Thread elastics through the holes in the sides and pull them through themselves to secure them
- Tie a knot in another elastic and thread it through the hole in the top of the cap, with the knot inside the cap
- Make sure the knot doesn't come through the cap when you pull the elastic

Step 5: Bringing It All Together

Picture of Bringing It All Together

- Attach the pouch to the bottom of the frame the same way you attached the elastics to the sides of the bottle cap
- Loop two of the elastics over the pens
- You can repeat these steps to increase power
- To fire place your ammo in the bottle cap and pull back on the elastic protruding from the back of the cap, then release


cwnickel (author)2017-01-11

thank you

pandyboohoo (author)2013-12-09


M3G (author)pandyboohoo2013-12-09


inspiredwood (author)2012-10-01

Love it! Reminds me of the thing, that little genius makes in "Little Man Tate" – cool

weredude (author)2012-08-24

this is a really great instructable! I shall make one in the near future. also please check out my office supply catapult!

M3G (author)weredude2012-08-24

Thanks! Your catapult looks good, how powerful is it?

weredude (author)M3G2012-08-25

mine shot about 30-35 feet, it really depends how far you wind the pencil up in the string.

mikeasaurus (author)2012-08-18

Looks great! Do you have any video of it firing? How far does it shoot?

M3G (author)mikeasaurus2012-08-18

Thanks! It shoots between about 20 and 35 feet. I'll make a video of it firing as soon as i have time.

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