So some old designs were getting old so I made a new design. The vortex is a compact weapon with a big mag and blue rod ammo that can give a sniper a run for its money with its accuracy

Power 45-55 ft
Accuracy amazing
Looks best thing I've made (imo)
Please stop... Like go read a book
Please stop..... Like get out of the knex section you pathetic little kid and go back to the Lego section, these things take lots of time and effort that you obviously don't have.
Lincoln log muskets are what real men chat about online.
dude... just stop, you're not getting any sympathy or support here nor will you. Have a nice day and maybe get to work on your first instructable before you criticize or even critique the interests and creations of others here.
<p>Well said, but I don't think he is that interested in LEGO judging by his favorites.</p>
Not that there's anything wrong with Legos, I just personally don't like them.
<p>Chill, this is pretty neat. Jared is getting better with K'nex, and there is no need for you to complain about this.</p>
thanks for saying it before I did Corgi, and much more eloquently than I would have
oh yeah... I finally added mag to my forward assist rifle, really excited I was able to make it work! :p<br><br>I figure we might as well use this comment thread for something...
<p>Cool. :D</p>
it's kind of a double bolt layout, you pull back the first bolt (which is itself like two bolts) then pull back and release the second to chamber a round. not fast but boy is cocking this thing loud, basically enough to scare away anyone who hasn't yet built knex guns... and even then it just suggests the thing has huge power
<p>Nice, I saw the video. Too bad it doesn't look better.</p>
can you point out a couple places I can clean up?
<p>There are rubber bands and flexible rods all over, try to clean that up, the handle area is a big mess, and the stock is just weird. Sorry, but that is the way I see it.</p><p>If you like how it looks, that is OK, but I don't see how you would not notice how messy it is.</p>
OK, I can definitely work on band placement and some of the flexi rods, maybe integrating the stock a bit more but overall the handle and stock were designed with ergenomics 100% in mind and little else, the handle is molded to truly fit your hand and the stock was designed to be comfortable held as a brace against your shoulder while cocking the thing.
<p>Ok, good.</p><p>I just made a video of me shooting one of my guns, and I talked in it... it sounds horrible. I am gonna retake it and talk a LOT less.</p>
how's this for the stock?<br><br>also what's wrong with flexi rods?
<p>It looks a bit better. The clear flexi rod looks like it isn't really helping ergonomics, having it sticking out of the stock. I have nothing against flexi rods, I just don't like them all over a K'nex gun. That's just my opinion, though.</p>
yeah, not much I can do about some of that unfortunately.
<p>Well, that was unnecessary...<br>Jared is definitely improving his K'nex skills, and that itself is already a great thing.<br>If these kind of comments are all you can do, then please stop... and go read a book.</p>
Lol chat room
<p>This looks like the best gun you have made. Also the stock looks a lot better then your older guns. Here are some things I think could be improved. The trigger it not to my liking but that's just my opinion also I'm not a big fan of the handle. Other wise this is pretty nice! </p>
Thx guys don't forget to vote
Yup, very well might :)
Any ideas or problems that I need to fix or add? This is only a preview for what I will do with it
if you work on a catch vs a block for the pin it might work really well. check the one on my forward assist rifle for a reference of what I mean, it holds the back of the pin instead of the front so it can hold more bands. overall though it looks great for a block trigger gun, and the enclosed pin is a big plus because it means you don't have to watch where your face is when firing.

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