Introduction: The WORLD FASTEST and Cheapeast NodeMCU Housing

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Here is the world fastest NodeMCU Housing!

You need a NodeMCU :) and a Tube from a fizzy tablet. (I have always Magnesium in my castle)

A drill or hand drill, may be a cutter to make it "looking good".

My Tube have a diameter from 2,7 centimeter.

First cut the tube to the right length, i cut my first to 5.2 centimeter.

If you want that the cap can close the tube, make the tube in my case: 6,7 centimeter then.

Then make a hole in the bottom, you can hold the NodeMCU from outside and make some wild signs to find a

good place to drill the hole. With a cutter you can make the swarfs going away.

Easy isn't it? :)


sebtex (author)2017-07-20

nice idea, you could use a little powerbank inside the Tube to power it to make it a portable webserver probably water resistant too.

AndreasO1 (author)sebtex2017-10-30

Thats a good idea!

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