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Hello everbody, my name is Joseph Sawhill. I am a 26 year old Armed Security Officer set to go to the police academy on October 15th of this year. I live in the Savannah GA area but have been all over the world growing up in a military household. I have seen some amazing things that I use to help myself come up with ideas for new inventions or twists on old ones. I want to build a prototype and a website to sell these and other inventions I have. Everything at the start would be custom ordered and it would start out as a side job. I would use the money to fund this and help get all the proper paperwork in order.
I am not an engineer set out to save the world with an electric or water powered anything. My ideas won’t fix the world of all its problems, that is set aside for my work. This is for fun. My products will only change your own personal world or the way you live in it.
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    Awesome, Thank you everone for looking and commenting. I cant believe I made the top 20. I hope to make the top three at least to get a Barrel haha. But no, ---- seriously. Thanks Jack Daniel's for making my day,.... everyday.

    I just wanted to add that there are a few things I like to keep to myself as far as the mechanics go. Hence the reason you can't see the internal movements. I have 7 years of construction experience that I bring to this, so I have it worked out rather well on paper. The hinges and other components are not shown on this video but, it does fit in the cabinet and lock into place.
    And thanks for the comments, I hope to make one of these very soon

    BEST IDEA!! You could make a whole set of stuff with this idea. Tables...chairs,,,Doesn't hurt to have Jack Daniels on it either! Great job!

    Great way to turn a garage into a man cave! Cool idea