The Warmest Euphonium in the World!





Introduction: The Warmest Euphonium in the World!

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I made a cosy for my euphonium (a half-size tuba) to help keep it warm. I used exactly 245 meters of worsted weight yarn, and used mainly knitting to cover it, but also did some basic wrapping around some of the smaller slides, as there is not much space in between them. Even with its new coat, my euphonium is completely functional, and certainly demands a little more attention than it used to!



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    Q- you know how to make this euphonium sounds like a french horn?
    A- shove more yarn in the bell and miss most notes

    Having that material around the bell will probably prevent the bell from resonating fully and will compromise your tone. But that might not matter so much in a marching band -- maybe its worth not having to hold cold metal!


    I used to play the sousaphone...wonder how much worsted yarn that would take... :D Excellent, excellent and excellent!


    I have a HUGE tuba though I am only in beginner band, it really sucks when the band room is cold and you have to play a freezing tuba. I'm sure this would help!

    You just became my favorite person ever. Like you have no idea

    I did this to my oboe my teacher was not happy until I did it to everyone's then she said it was a fashion statement

    How much does this affect the tone? It's a really cool idea, and I'm thinking about it for some of my instruments, but I imagine much of the resonant sound is muffled. Have you noticed a difference?

    as a euphonium player, i for one appreciate this.

    maybe i should con my girlfriend into knitting me one of these for the colder months...