I made a cosy for my euphonium (a half-size tuba) to help keep it warm. I used exactly 245 meters of worsted weight yarn, and used mainly knitting to cover it, but also did some basic wrapping around some of the smaller slides, as there is not much space in between them. Even with its new coat, my euphonium is completely functional, and certainly demands a little more attention than it used to!
jymm20004 years ago
Q- you know how to make this euphonium sounds like a french horn?
A- shove more yarn in the bell and miss most notes
Bindlestiff4 years ago
Having that material around the bell will probably prevent the bell from resonating fully and will compromise your tone. But that might not matter so much in a marching band -- maybe its worth not having to hold cold metal!
piperjon4 years ago

I used to play the sousaphone...wonder how much worsted yarn that would take... :D Excellent, excellent and excellent!

I have a HUGE tuba though I am only in beginner band, it really sucks when the band room is cold and you have to play a freezing tuba. I'm sure this would help!
You just became my favorite person ever. Like you have no idea
I did this to my oboe my teacher was not happy until I did it to everyone's then she said it was a fashion statement
My band teacher wouldnt be happy if i did this to my tuba.
mdepierre4 years ago
How much does this affect the tone? It's a really cool idea, and I'm thinking about it for some of my instruments, but I imagine much of the resonant sound is muffled. Have you noticed a difference?
steveblu4 years ago
as a euphonium player, i for one appreciate this.

maybe i should con my girlfriend into knitting me one of these for the colder months...
most people don't know how to knit
dyanii4 years ago
This much wrapping will definitely compromise the sound of the instrument, as it was designed to enhance sound vibrations as much as possible. And as far as marching band goes, unless your fingers and hands generate a large amount of heat that can be transfered by touching the valve keys, this won't make the euphonium "warmer" because the thing itself is not generating heat. And how do you wash the instrument if it's wearing clothes? HOWEVER, that's one stylish euphonium!
momtes4 years ago
A one-of-a-kind instrument! Wow!
happyjo4 years ago
This is really awesome! :D
hivoltage4 years ago
This is awesome! I played baritone/euphonium back in the high school marching and concert bands. There was nothing worse than an icy baritone on those frigid morning practices on the football field.
hamolton4 years ago
When I first saw the pic I thought you had made a euphonium with the 3-d printer!
Very original!! Now, it can only be on to a jacket for a trumpet, a shawl for a drum, a sleeve for a flute.....the possibilities are endless! Who wouldn't love this??!! :-)
katietes (author)  recyclegrandma4 years ago
If you make a trumpet jacket, please post it up!
You'll have first dibs on the pattern and I know where I can get you some wool, too !!
homestuck4 years ago
This is awesome i play the euphonium and it's always cold i need this
caarntedd4 years ago
5 stars. Awesome.
REA4 years ago
when i saw the title, i thought you meant "warmest sounding" not literally warm lol. very good job by the way.
katietes (author)  REA4 years ago
Maybe seeing the sweater makes people imagine that the sound is warmer too!
scoochmaroo4 years ago
I wish I'd had this in marching band! Those babies can get cold!
katietes (author)  scoochmaroo4 years ago
My plastic mouthpiece was my best friend when I was in marching band (and I marched a sousaphone, brrrr!)
ERCCRE1234 years ago
I wonder if this can actually help keep the pitch stable in a full-sized band while practicing because the temperature would remain more constant when not playing.
katietes (author)  ERCCRE1234 years ago
I haven't tried playing it in a group yet but it would definitely be interesting to try..... I might get a chance this week and I'll let you know :)
catiehade4 years ago
OMG! I need to learn to knit so I can make one for mine!
The comment on pic 7 is clever! Nice work. You're going to start a trend for euphonium cozies.
This is incredible! Arty but completely utilitarian...looooove it!