Step 2: Cut the Bottle

Most water bottles begin to curve about 3 inches from there necks, cut the bottle where it starts to curve.
ditto to KMOM14's comment!
I came up with this a loooooong time ago. Not really wine glasses, mine were just fancy cups madde from only bottles.
What about the edges that you will be drinking out of ? Is there anything special to do to make it smoother ? Or is it just in cutting it perfectly ?
th edhes on mine were nice and smooth if u think its sharp use a fine grain abrasive grade sandpaper or dremel bit.
Hey! I did this first! >:O
u made pet bottle drinking CUPS i made cd wine glasses xD
same difference but how come yours has more ratings and views (:o
his are pretty different but its the same concept because there are lots of instructables for water bottle glasses.
lol, speaking of water bottle glasses, I was thinking about making joke glasses (the kind u wear on ur face) out of the bottoms of 2 water bottles and some pipe cleaners. I never got to doing it tho
haha thats a good idea.
Great way to upcycle a water bottle and a CD and would be great to make for a geek party.

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