The Intel Edison is a very interesting beast. It features both an Intel processor running Linux and has Arduino functionality (GPIO, SPI, etc.). This project is a little different in that it uses both of those features.

In this Instructable, we’re going to build the Weather Grid. The Weather Grid is a device that displays the current weather conditions and temperature for your current location without any interaction (once setup). The front of the Weather Grid is a piece of hardboard (approximately 9” x 7”) with carved icons which represent weather conditions and a cut-out for the LCD screen. The weather condition icons are illuminated using a series of LEDs. The whole thing is powered by an Intel Edison which uses its Arduino side to control the hardware and its Linux side to retrieve and format the data.

Step 1: The Weather Grid Overview

As I mentioned, there are a lot of interwoven parts in this project. To best explain how it works check out the above diagram.


<p>Thankyou man<br>And good luck with your new project!</p>
<p>ohh yeah and when is 2.0 coming out?</p>
<p>Honestly I'm not sure. I'm currently working on a new project (with the MediaTek LinkIt One) and then my schedule starts to get pretty tight with the holidays.</p>
<p>Heym this project is amazing.<br>I was wondering, how could i modify this so instead of just showing current weather conditions, it would show the current condition and conditions for later on in the day. An answer would be great thanks!</p>
<p>Sure... Off the top of my head you could either:<br>- have two (smaller?) separate grids or one grid and two LCDs</p><p>- have it alternate colors for current and future conditions</p><p>- have the current weather in the grid and the future weather in the LCD</p><p>Whichever way you did it, you would then just adjust the PHP script (add more querystring options), and then add the new PHP functions to the cron tab.</p>
<p>Great project and very well explained!</p>
<p>I posted a link to this project on 2 weather forums. </p>
<p>Cool thanks.</p>
<p>Nice project! I like the front plate design and weathered look.</p><p>Did you consider mounting some dividers inside to prevent unwanted images to light up?</p>
<p>&gt;&gt; Did you consider mounting some dividers inside to prevent unwanted images to light up?</p><p>Yup. That's one of the changes I'm going to add to my 2.0 build. That said, in person the bleed isn't nearly as bad as it looks in the pictures.</p>
<p>looking forward to the 2.0 version. Good luck!</p>

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