Picture of The Wedge-tron
This is a very simple cool little car made primarily of popsicle sticks.
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Step 1: Materials and tools

Sorry I dont have any Pictures of this.

many popsicle sticks
2 small DC motors, not geared ,must be high rpm
1 AA or AAA battery holder
1 AA or AAA battery
2 about 5 inch pieces of wire ( longer is better speaking from experience)
1 hot wheels car
something to hold the roof up. I used a small piece of PVC pipe. You could use whatever you have handy
1 or 2 sticks of hot glue depending on how good you are with a hot glue gun
*optional* a switch and an extra piece of wire

hot glue gun
sheet metal snips
wire striper

Step 2: The Base

Picture of The Base
First Lay 5 popsicle sticks side to side *see pic*
Cut 3 popsicle sticks so that they are as long as the 5 are wide
Glue them on
This will be the main body

Now take 2 more sticks and glue the 2 ends together so you have a cone type thing
attach the 2 other ends to the outer 2 sticks on the square thing we just made.
This seems a little confusing but the pics make it clearer

to fill in the area in put a stick cut to length that is parallel to the bottom stick on you triangle part.
continue until the triangle is solid.
Once again the pics make this much more clear.

That is it for the base

Nunavutnewsrules (author) 6 years ago
Next version coming. It will probably have led lights, contact sensors and real wheels. thanks for the ideas. any others would be appreciated. once again thanks for all the help. Instrucables rules!!
Hey, this is really cool. You are getting my vote. I think we all tend to over engineer projects. The simplicity of this one is refreshing. I love your use of popsicle sticks. I will be looking for the future versions you mentioned.
GWJax7 years ago
Nice and easy for the little ones. Add LED's to it so you would have head lights. Although you have no regulated power supply to cut down on the current those motors are going to drain your batteries fast so use re-chargeables!
SPDT switches can be add to make it a robot
Nunavutnewsrules (author)  omkar_hummer7 years ago
I am getting to that
Kiteman7 years ago
If you add traction to the motor axles - may sleeves of heat-shrink, or small wheels of hot-glue, and switch the wiring so that the buggy runs blunt-end first, you can do without the toy car and let the pointed end drag behind. It's a nice toy, though - a wooden robot.
heh: wooden robot "treebot"
Nunavutnewsrules (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
ideas for the second edition