Step 4: Wirering

Picture of Wirering
Connect the front terminal of the left motor to the front terminal of the right motor and vise versa.
Take you battery holder and glues it about the front of the square platform.

*Optional* on you battery holder there should be 2 wires a red one and a black one.
on the red one attach one lead from a switch and on the other another wire

Now if you dont want to do that then you can just hook and unhook one of the wires from the terminal of one of you motors

You have 2 leads. To make sure your buggy goes forward you have to hook one of the lines to one terminal on its side and the other to the opposite terminal on the other side. If that makes it try to go forward you just twist one of the wires and make the other into a hook so you can turn it on and off.

If it went back wards you simply have to switch the terminals that both of them are on.
Ex: you the black one on the front terminal and the red one on the back terminal and it went backwards so now you put the black one on the back terminal and the red one on the front terminal.

Yay! You finished the wiring. Now this is a nearly functioning buggy. However it looks pretty plain so why don't we add a cover and a front wheel.